Thursday, October 22, 2009

Expert Advice: A Lesson In Chinklish

Hantu Laut

Looks like those CCTV9 guys are rare breeds among the nucleus of spunky Chinese businessmen taking on the world's markets with their cheap and nasty.

The padlock cost me RM4.60 and the bicycle lock RM7.60. I must admit I am a cheapskate when it comes to these kind of things. I have already twisted the key to the lock., but no pain, at RM4.60, should I complain?

For your reading pleasure:(click to enlarge).

Though, badly written, it's well understood.It certainly carries the intended message.

Will the Chinese creolise the English language? We have Singlish and Manglish, why can't we have Chinklish?

Singlish and Manglish were not creolisation of the language in the true sense. It was bastardised by Singaporeans and Malaysians poor vocabulary.

Will Chinese language or Mandarin be a lingua franca one day. Some people believe China will be the next super power , both in military and economic terms.At the rate they are going, that may not be too far-fetched.


FMZam said...

For once I think your blog better be on crusading against these kind of things for they are dumping junkies and are cheating every damn thing of those Made-in-China products, from cheapskates sold in pasar malam and flea markets to any other outlets including in big shopping complexes.

Just go into a lighting shop, see for yourself the abundance of products from China, from lamps and chandeliers to the energey saving bulbs. Prices are no cheap despite the unimpressive workmanship and the energy saving bulbs that cannot last more than 3 or 4 months are costed so exhorbitantly.

Maybe there are good quality Made-in-China products are only porcelain we call china, other than that I believe are all suspect of anything good for our consumption, even their food products.

Why the government turns blind eyes on all these?

Anonymous said...

Dear FM,
Actually the chinese made product is very cheap. It's expensive only due to mark-up by the traders.
e.g. Cost of Osram Bulb RM20, China RM4,

FMZam said...

Hantu Laut,

While we can term things like Singlish, Manglish and Chinglish, don't forget we are having Chinglay, Indlay, Mamaklay, Sabahlay, Sarawaklay, Banglay, Indolay, Vietlay, Paklay, Kampuchlay, Filiplay and whateverLAY for the same "bastardised" reason you mentioned.

SM said...


I have been using a made in Malaysia "energy saving bulb" which cost 1/3rd the Price of a "branded" one. Guess what? One year down the road & it's still working fine!
I also got afew other made in China or two broke down a a few months, the rest are still working fine one or two years down the road!
Give them a few more years...they will be as good as the made in Japanese made products.

Anonymous said...

Hantu Laut = ASSHOLE

Please disregard

Move along now

Nothing to see here

Hantu Laut said...


Not all Chinese products are bad, there are some good ones.

My experience is with the brush cutter.In the past I used to buy the Japanese made and they cost between RM800 to over RM1,000.The Chinese models sell between RM250 to RM450.The higher priced ones are as good as the Japanese models. There are many Chinese products that are good quality.

Don't touch their electrical products and some foodstuffs.

Mike Tan said...

The adage "Nothing good is cheap and nothing cheap is good" generally holds true,of course there are exceptions.

Chinese manufacturers can produce
quality stuffs especially those under license ones.Those cheap and
poor quality items are produced by backyard outlets and they appeal to
people in these part of the world
because of pricing.