Thursday, October 1, 2009

Monkey See, Monkey Do.

Hantu Laut

It will be a sad day if this bunch of political clowns take over the running of the Federal Government.Wonder, whether they are truly politicians?

The biggest star in the outfit of these political misfits is the pit bull terrier whose bark is worse than his bite. He spends more time writing on his blog mud slinging good for nothing articles than spending time doing what he is paid to do as the people's representative, doing some real work.In parliament he screams, shouts and regurgitates infantile platitudes, wasting good parliamentary time that should have been used to discuss critical issues affecting the people.All he is interested in is in himself and to show his talents in muddying the waters denigrating Najib and his government.

Here, another one of his exhibitionism, making him and all other hound dogs in Pakatan as exampler and epitome of morality and all those in UMNO the root of all evil, immoral, crooked and stinks to high heaven.

The Pakatan Rakyat governments in all states under their control have not gotten down to doing serious business of running tangible governments, one that you can see and feel the pulse.There was no exigency to serve the people as promised.It's all about bashing UMNO and the BN, becoming their favourite past time and spectator's sport for their followers.

Bickering and infighting among coalition partners, some real, while others were staged to fool the BN that their squabbles are signs that the coalition are breaking up and hopefully would hoodwink the BN into complacency.

It reminded me of a group of long-tailed macaques that always come to my small orchard behind my house, especially during the fruiting season, making a lot of hullabaloo to attract attention, while another group quietly steal fruits from my trees.It monkey business as usual.

In my orchard, the long-tailed macaques have long disappeared when I found out their ruse and keep a pack of dogs with a Rhodesian Ridgeback as the head honcho to set off the alarm bell whenever they turn up.My dogs incessant bark mean the thieving monkeys have arrived.Time to bring out the cannons and send them packing back to their monkey's enclave.

Monkey see, monkey do.


swifz said...

You remind myself during my primary school. Poking fun of each other by calling derogatory names.

Come on! Debate like a grown-up. Debate like someone that is wise. Name calling just shows how immature you are.

If you represents a sample of the ruling party, no wonder we are still a backward country (mentally).

Hantu Laut said...


We all are descendants of the primate.Don't blame me, blame Charles Darwin and his theory.Some have fully evolved, some don't, you seem to have one less chromosome.

It's not name calling or derogatory remarks, it's called metaphor.

I don't represent the ruling party,I represent myself and like you I have a right to like or dislike anyone and in this case I don't like Pakatan leaders.As they say empty vessel make the most noise, that's what they are.

Hey! this is what you guys want, freedom of speech.It works both ways.Grow up mate!

sunwayopal said...

Eh how come you can rear dogs?

Not haram meh?


SM said...


Yup, the rank & file of the BN members see their corrupted & Immoral leaders getting away with murder (we ALL know this is not true) so they "ikut lah"! You are right...monkey see, monkey do!
By the way, sorry I'm not evolved from "primates" I'm descended from Adam & Eve! O
n a more serious note...the BN (i.e. UMNO is too arrogant to see past their own noses [as you can see they are still the same arrogant bunch of monkeys they've always been]. If they do win the B Pinang By-Election (with 5,000 Postal Votes to play with...they better win!) they will come out trumpeting that they have turned the tied & will wipe out the PR in the next GE....Thta's good! They will remain the same arrogant & complacent bunch of monkeys until it's too late!!!

Hantu Laut said...


If, you are a Muslim and you can show me any verses in the Koran or the Hadith that forbid Muslims from keeping dogs, I recommend you for a Datukship or, maybe, buy you a sumptuous dinner when you come to Sabah.

If you are not Muslim, I forgive your ignorance.

SM said...


Sunwayopal has a legit point. Over in the Peninsula...most (if not all, except for the Royalty) will tell you that Muslims can't keep dogs! I was told by Muslim friends that it was the sliva!
Maybe brother Eddy could enlighten us more?

Hantu Laut said...

You are right,it's only the saliva that Muslim consider dirty, but you can cleanse yourself if you touch the mouth or saliva.You can touch other parts of the dog.

The Arabs have the Salukis and the Afghan have the Afghan Hounds.In Malaysia it is more a culture, not religion, not keeping dogs among Malays.

eddy said...

1. Bro, you've already said what needs to be said about Lim Kit Siang, I think he makes a good Opposition politician as he keeps the ruling BN on their toes. The problem is after the March 2008 election, suddenly instead of keeping to the line that Malaysia needs a strong Opposition for check and balance, Kit Siang is taking a totally different stand seeing how easily the DAP with seats coming from Chinese majority constituency were able to control the State Government of Penang, Selangor and for a short while Perak. So now he is dreaming of the federal Government and trying his best in his blogs and also his ceramahs to disparage BN and character assasinate not just BN leaders but also the Government machinery deemed to be supportive of the Federal Government like the Judiciary, the police and the MACC.

I think with what's happening at the states controlled by the DAP, PAS and PKR people are seeing that mere rhethorics, character assasination and blaming everything wrong to the BN are not enough qualification to run the State or Federal Government as efficiently as Barisan Nasional. Their CAT slogan remains mere slogan to con the voters as Kg Buah Pala and the Shah Alam beer and temple issues showed. Expect more of Kit Siang Monkey see, monkey do antics in blogs and ceramahs until he retires bro, however I expect he will do a Samy Vellu and probably stay forever in office until his last breath. He has no choice as Guan Eng his chosen successor and heir in the DAP is not turning out as well as he hoped with his bumblings in Penang who is acting more like the opposition leader never missing on an invitation for debates and even getting penang port figures wrong rather than getting down to the serious business of ruling the state as well as he can.

2. SM, Bro HL is right and as far as I know there in no single verse in the Quran which says that a Muslim cannot keep dogs. In fact my great grand uncle used to keep guard dogs at his bungalow. The dogs are however not allowed to enter the house. I only have problems with stray dogs with bad skin condition which I think should be put to sleep by the authorithies.

3. On another note I agree that we all come from Adam and Eve.(Adam dan Hawa).