Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Hantu Laut

Always in denial mode and playing the blame game.Anwar blames the media here for creating a storm in a teacup, exaggerating the problems in PKR he says.

Well, Mr Anwar Ibrahim, that's freedom of the press, the one that you and your clique in Pakatan wanted so much. Why complain now? The real truth is, Zaid is becoming a threat to you, not to Azmin Ali.

According to him there is no problem between Zaid Ibrahim, him and Azmin Ali.We have heard it many times before, leaders in Pakatan infallible and as clean as a whistle.Than he better ask Jeffery Kitingan who's blowing the whistle here?

This report here about Najib giving RM30.00 to 30,000 Perakians that attended his 1 Malaysia celebration in Ipoh is good news for UMNO and the BN.Malaysians still can be bought and cheap, it only costs Najib RM900,000.00, a real steal.Bad news for Pakatan Rakyat because Malaysians are fed up with their political antics and incessant rhetoric, that's why they took the money to show Pakatan their unhappiness.

Who told Clara Chooi the story, the Pakatan suckers or BN sympathisers? Who knows? They could be anyone or just a gremlin in her head.

From the picture below you can see the stadium is packed to capacity, what else would you expect from Pakatan and its cyberdogs. Praise Najib for his popularity?

Surely, non-Muslims would be happy and continue to vote for PAS for infringement and deprivation of their rights of freedom to enjoy, to do what other non-Muslims normally can do in the past.

Should Muslims impose their will on others?

In principle Islam does not advocate imposition of Islamic values on others."Let there be no complusion in religion" was a clear message in the Koran.Many Muslims live in oceans of ignorance.

In 1996 in Minneapolis, USA, the Muslim American Society issued a fatwa that proclaimed 'Islamic jurispridence' prohibits Muslim airport taxi drivers from carrying passengers (non-Muslims) with alcoholic drink because it involves in cooperating in sin according to Islam. Try going through the Koran and Hadith with a fine-tooth comb and see whether you can find it.

There are only three things that Muslims should know about alcohol.They are prohibited from consuming it, serving it to another Muslim and selling it.The fatwa issued by the Muslim American Society is a farce, by people who are on the lunatic fringe.

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We Muslims are too hot to handle when we see a body like this and we need PAS Youth to remind us the virtue of being good Muslims.It is all right to watch her on MTV but not in the flesh, your libido might just go berserk.

God must be kind to her giving her such flawless genetic endowment and the men hot under the pants when watching her performing.

"Clean your finger before you point at my spots" Benjamin Franklin

Death to democracy, long live hypocrisy.

Vote for Pakatan Rakyat.

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Sadly bro, Beyonce has postponed the Malaysian concert indefinitely...