Thursday, November 5, 2009

Family Of Sadists

Hantu Laut

Family of maid abusers.

Well, it's about time Malaysia do the same, send these half-humans to where they belong.

Read full story here.


FMZam said...


You're one tongue slipper you know, you said this - Why should I compare with Singapore, we are as good as them if not better. Now you have the guts to say it's about time Malaysia do the same. Has Malaysia done any better than Singapore with maid abuse case? We didn't even have the balls to punish anyone so far to get close to equal that of Singapore leave alone to do better.

Ha..ha..ha...why with me you always cannot keep your tongue from slipping hah?.....

Anonymous said...

FMZam, Where were you all this while ? TIMBAKYU ???

FMZam said...


I've been hybernating too long to wake up only to realise now there's a new place on earth you called Timbakyu...gee