Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's Water Under The Bridge

Hantu Laut

The government should not bow to opposition's demand to re-open the Lingam case. This is their tactic to continue with their campaign to inflict maximum damage on Najib and his government from now until the next election. They have run out of issues and keep banging on the same door.

What public pressure?Most Malaysians don't give two hoots about the case.The noises are coming from the oppositions and the Bar Council, less out of concern but more out of political reasons.

Assuming Lingam is charged, taken to court and won the case.What do you think the oppositions and Bar Council would say? They would still not be satisfied and would run down the court, the judges and the whole judiciary.

There would be no end to it.


donplaypuks® said...

The RCI, instituted by our Govt, comprised some very senior and experienced ex-Judges who found that Lingam, Eusoff Chin and others had a case to answer.

Any fool in M'sia knows that it was Lingam on the tape and he was not drunk or merely bragging or acting. This was attested to at the RCI by the very person who shot the video - MP Loh Gwo Burne!!

Lingam's secretary's testimony at the RCI was direct and damning. Do you honestly belief that Chin "accidentally" ran into Lingam at the gates of Auckland Zoo and then tagged along for 2 weeks? Get real HL, get real!! She also testified that Chin was bribed by a certain prominent biz tycoon who bought him a bungalow house!

It is therefore the AG's duty to investigate and prosecute to get to the bottom of the matter which brought the integrity and independence of our Juduciary into disrepute!!

Otw, it is a slap in th eface for our King, doubly so as it comes in the wake of the RCI on the Police which has also been sabotaged by IGP Musa Hassan and shelved by the Govt !!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

eddy said...

Bro, I truly believe that the RCI called by the previous Abdullah Government was unsuitable as it was based on video recordings of Lingam having a telephone conversation with an acquaintance taken without permission by Loh Gwo Burne. I wonder if Gwo Burne actually gave all or parts of the recording itself to the RCI itself.For this reason alone the RCI should never have been given the greenlight and where did it get us to? Nowhere actually, beside becoming merchandise traded about by the opposition Pakatan to be used as political ammunition to try to bring down the BN Government.

I cannot figure out until today why Abdullah Badawi sees it necessary to call a RCI based on video taken without permission and without Court sanctions in the first place.

The Judiciary is now in Good hands under the CJ Tun Zaki as the Bar Council it seems are quite happy with him. (Well I have not heard complaints about his performance from the Bar so far).

As far as I am concerned there are other pressing and more important things to do beside making noise demanding justice over a 1994 Holiday in New Zealand where CJ Eusoff Chin and his family purportedly bumped into Lingam and his family. Judges are entitled to overseas holiday paid for by the Government what, if he so happens to bump into a Malaysian lawyer while abroad, its just coincidence apa, so what?

Best to leave it as it is and like you say Bro, its water under the bridge...surat khabar lama stories, Malaysians don't give a hoot about it now.