Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Malaysian Savage

Hantu Laut

We are again in the news, again for the wrong reason.This time not only abuse but murder of a maid. It is becoming the rule rather than the exception.There are just too many cases making Malaysians seen as savages.

A.Murugan was charged in court for the murder of his Indonesian maid.Murugan physically abused his maid and locked her up in a toilet until being rescued by police.She died in hospital a few days later.

I have written more than enough on this subject, the last one here.

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SM said...


Looks like it's a Malaysian disease! First we saw people going into Police lock-ups alive & coming out in coffins then people dropping out of Government buildings (& being accused of committing suicide) & now the disease has spread to the public! After all the Police & Government can get away with murder so the public now feel that they can too! We can now trade one slogan (i.e. Malaysia Boleh) for another
(i.e. 1-Malaysia)!