Sunday, December 13, 2009

Battle of Wits:Chameleon versus Frog

Hantu Laut

Politicians, can you trust them?

Two months ago he was determined to leave the party.Now, he is wavering because he said he is happy as many of his requests were accepted by the party.It seems his political blackmail worked and effective in making Anwar Ibrahim jittery by giving in to his demands.The story here.

Without Jeffery Kitingan PKR may not get the KDM supports, so, thought Anwar Ibrahim. Chameleon always change colour when under threat.

This is the same man who now contradicts himself about the BTN courses where when things were all bright and sunny for him he was once one of their mentors.This is the same Anwar Ibrahim who teaches his compatriots about ketuanan Melayu and why the immigrants (pendatang) should not question those rights.Watch the video here.

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Y1 said...

I think PKR made a mistake. JK cannot be trusted. I am not so sure that JK has that much support from the KDM.

AI, I am also not sure, but the years in prison might have changed him for the better.

Given the dire scenario in BN & UMNO, we surely need a strong political check and balance for the good of our country. BN must not be allowed to get away from looting the country and bleeding it to death unchecked.