Sunday, December 20, 2009

Should They Be Charged With High Treason?

Hantu Laut

Are we becoming a nation of crooks? Read this.

From crooked politicians repatriating their ill-gotten gains overseas using the illegal hawala system to selling part of the country's defence system.Malaysia is not short of this kind of talents.We become famous for all the wrong reasons.

This is supposed to be high security areas and a jet engine is not that easy to move about without detection.Tip of the iceberg? What else have been stolen and sold without the authority knowing it? Many years ago, if I am not mistaken, there were reports of fake spare parts supplied to the Air Force.

The government should view this very seriously as missiles and bombs could have gone missing without their knowledge and such weapons could fall into the hands of terrorists.If such thing happened Malaysia could become a pariah state in the eyes of the international community.

So, how did they do it?

Should those involved be charged with high treason?

High treason is considered a serious offense, and carries the death penalty in some countries.


Y1 said...

Yes, it is treason. Beyond corruption.

SM said...


Be careful...from your last few articles, you are sounding more & more like an opposition supporter! better get HL back in line with some well thought out excuses!

Or maybe I should give it a goes...


Don't worry, with PM Najib's 1-Malaysia all the corruption & treason & racial & religious prejudices will dissappear.
Rakyat dibodohkan, jenayah diutamakan! Wait a minute...that's not correct!



donplaypuks® said...

Hang them high by their goolies!! National security and assets should not be trifled with.

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

i dont know which is worse.

like dragging a house speaker by the collar out of the august assembly house.

like throwing the constitution into the waste basket by, of all the people, the highest court in the land. if there is any salvation, its at the High Court only where there are some honest and decent judges, who unfortunately will always be sent to cold storage whenever they dare to show honesty against the executive.

hantu, this country is in deep deep trouble. I feel despair.

Anonymous said...

It is shocking and shameful.It reflects the rotten sitution and weakness of the entire sistem in the ministry of defence. The culprit should be charged with nothing less than treason and be shot standing. Askar Tua

eddy said...

Bro, this is beyond redemption. This goes beyond robbery this is more than high treason this is waging war against the Agung and our nation. The only punishment for all these perpetrators is to be hung by the neck until they die.

It was also reported that beside the jet engine, even the engine's maintenance records from a safe was taken too. I cannot imagine how the huge jet engine can be taken out in a lorry through the tight security of the air force establishment and then transported out of the country to South America? This is indeed a precise and very well planned operation. Yes Bro, God knows what else got through the Air Force "security".

Remember the Al-Maunah gang Bro who impersonated as army officers and men who easily raided the Army's armory in Perak in July 2000. Fortunately these extremists were surrounded and they surrendered to the ATM Commandos and Rangers at Sauk. The AlMaunah leader and his assistants were hung in 2006 after being found guilty of waging war against the Agung. I think the armed forces as a whole have not really learned from this experience that is military hardware security is a 24hrs 365days/year job.

As such we the public demand that:

1. All those involved be caught and charged with waging war against the Agung and the nation. It does not matter who the guilty are, whether they are Air Force officers and men and their civilian counterparts. The guilty one should be hung until they die.

2. A Royal Commission of Inquiry be called to investigate, study what happened and what else was lost and recommend tighter procedures in dealing with storing and movement of military hardware arms, spares and parts.

This jet engine robbery event is a disgrace to the entire Armed Forces, while the investigation is ongoing the TUDM top brass and officers incharge of Logistics and support and security should be relieved of their command so that others more competent would take their place. Yes, this is the time for pointing fingers and fix a national security leak situation.

By the way Bro SM, like Bro HL, I think this is not a political issue at all and has nothing to do with the BN Government, it is an issue of utmost importance to all of us that is the threat to the security of our nation. Constructive criticism does not mean opposing the Government, Bro.

So I say it again catch those thieving bastards and hang all of them until they die. TQ.