Thursday, December 24, 2009

UMNO's Bogeyman

Hantu Laut

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has shown he has his ears to the ground and responded quickly to public complaints and grievances.His priority is to boost economic growth which has stagnated due to low investor's confidence.

He has taken action to remove the RPGT (Real Property Gain Tax) that have got the property sector feeling uneasy that it would suppress growth of the property market.With the new announcement, the RPGT is only applicable to property sold within 5 years of purchase.

While Najib is trying his very best to repair the damage his men are equally busy destroying his concept of uniting Malaysians of all races under his 1 Malaysia.The revelation here by a Malay youth of what transpired in a youth course he attended is alarming and dangerous.

If UMNO thinks they can use the opposition as bogeyman to frighten the Malays into submission than they need their heads examined.

The Malays today have risen beyond these kinds of indoctrination.They are better educated and can think for themselves.The politics of fear has no more room in this nation and those over-zealous trainers in BTN or any government sponsored courses are bankrupt of ideas. Their only achievement? They have successfully made themselves looking stupid in the eyes of their students.

It is this kind of feudalistic medieval mentality that put UMNO in trouble.This kind of siege mentality is the product of dispair and sense of insecurity.

It is also highly questionable as to why UMNO is involved in running a youth programme organised by a state government.... just to tell the youths attending the course to pull the blankets over their head to keep out the bogeyman.

The world has change, please move along, think of a better way how to win the people's heart.

I support the BN but I don't support this kind stupidity.

Colonised? My foot!


eddy said...

Bro sometimes themalaysianinsider does have a way with their angle of reporting especially if its about UMNO/BN, they also like to cherry pick just to raise emotions amongs us up a notch. I think its no harm to remind the Malays especially the youth not to be complacent with what they have and what the UMNO/BN led Government has done for them.

Having said that I happen to think that you are right and I agree with you when you said "The Malays today have risen beyond these kinds of indoctrination.They are better educated and can think for themselves.The politics of fear has no more room in this nation and those over-zealous trainers in BTN or any government sponsored courses are bankrupt of ideas"

Also I think the BTN course is actually OK, I attended one way back a long time ago.. it did not make me a racist at all though but makes me more understand the symbiotic but fragile relationship between the races which have made this country strong overall. Nevertheless, some of the modules must be revised to be in synch with the times and PM Najib's 1Malaysia theme.

Yes, it would be good if the trainers some who are known to be overzealous be retired and replaced with people who are not feeling insecure and knows how to instill patriotism and positive motivation for the trainees.

Merry X'mas and Happy New year everybody.

Anonymous said...

Actual incumbent government has lots of advantages. They do not need to resort to such low tactics. Instead of wasting money doing propaganda against PR, they could organize courses to talk about real patriotism (I mean real one not the paint non-Malay as infidel type).

Teach the young to be progressive and learn with an open mind and not close their minds and only listen to all the crap from UMNO. When they learn the truth, these idiots would really look like idiots no matter what all the spinners or even our TDM says.

SM said...


You are threading on "thin ice"...some people may even say that you are bodering on being sympathetic towards the Opposition by bringing up these issues that the BN Government is trying to hide!

Bro Eddy,

While I understand that you are pro BN just as I am "predominantly" pro Opposition, you need to also remember that by supporting everything that the BN does (i.e. including the outrightly bad stuff that they do in broad daylight...just as I used to do in the past)'s only hurting the BN! As long as intelligent people like you still make "excuse" for the wrongs that the BN does, then there is no reason for the BN to change (& we all know that the BN has always resisted change no matter what). Yes, the politics of fear will not work with most Malaysians now (either Malays or Non-Malays)...face it the BN...or rather UMNO constantly pokes at the Malays that the Non-Malays will "take over" & colonize & well you know what I mean.

warisantmk said...

After the FALL OF MALACCA to the Portuguese in 1511, the Malays are in danger of losing their grip on power if they are becoming TOO GENEROUS with the non-Malays, in the name of racial equality, democracy or fairness.

Malaysian Indians are part of 'overseas Indians', who originated from India. India is the second most populous nation on earth, and India still regard their 'overseas Indians' as part of world Indian fraternity.

Malaysian Chinese are part of the 'overseas chinese' community which numbered more that 40 million worldwide. China still regard them as part of the world Chinese fraternity.

Indians and Chinese are WORLD RACE, meaning they are found all over the world. Despite being citizens in any country they have stayed for long, they still regard India and China as their respective FRATERNAL HOMELAND.

Should anything bad befalls Malaysia, example RACIAL CONFLICT or CIVIL WAR, they always have their FRATERNAL HOMELANDS to fall back to.

Malays have not got that luxury. Tanah Melayu is all that we have. Certain parts of Indonesia may be FRATERNAL HOMELAND of certain section of Malays, BUT not all Malays were from Indonesia. MAJORITY OF MALAYS are indigenous of Tanah Melayu. Should the country be ENGULFED IN FLAMES, majority of Malays have to live up to put out the BLAZE.

Other races are not as benign as they publicly appear to be. Behind the sweet smiles of Kit Siang and Guan Eng in their symbolic embraces of Anwar and Hj Hadi, only Allah, the God Almighty knows what is hidden DEEP in their hearts.

Whilst we would like to live happily and harmoniously with other races in this country, the Malays must always hold firmly to the power 'seperti menatang minyak penuh'. Malays should never let their descendents cry over 'minyak yang tumpah'.

In the same way the Malays uphold ISLAM, the Malays should uphold the KETUANAN MELAYU, for the sake of Malays and Islam.

BTN courses should be made compulsory to ALL Malaysians, so that both the Malays and non-Malays are constantly reminded of their rights and obligations, including the rights and obligations under the SOCIAL CONTRACT.