Friday, December 25, 2009

Were Malaysians Born Yesterday?

Hantu Laut

I am beginning to see the light why there are so much discontent and opposition among the people against the government. The inconsistency is stark naked.It may not be the fault of the Prime Minister but it would certainly affect his administration.The lack of polity and probity among his boys do not augurs well with his 1 Malaysia concept.

Read this and tell me why it takes them over a week to come out of their slumber to come up with a new revelation that the brigadier-general and others were actually sacked before the loss of the engines.

Malaysians are not interested when they were sacked, it's completely irrelevant. We are interested to know why they are not behind bars yet.

Unfortunately, those in power seemed to think that Malaysians were born yesterday and, please, don't tell us bloggers we shouldn't comment on this subject.

This issue is of public interest and loss of taxpayers money through thievery.


Anonymous said...

whats the beef for leaking this story by all the people, NSTP which is the mouthpiece of UMNO?

the din is maddening and for what political diversion? PKFZ? Remittance to Dubai for some lady?

warisan tmk said...

Sdra Hantulaut,

The problem with opposition leaders and opposition-minded bloggers is, they tend to pre-judge TRUTHS.

Perhaps it is to their advantage to speculate on sketchy informations and make accusations against the Government based on half-truths.

we should trust the Government that the matter is being investigated by our PDRM, and as Najib said, no one will be spared.

Please bear in mind that under ANY Governments, such CRIMINAL BREACH OF TRUST could have been committed.

SM said...


I really feel sorry for now understand why people like me (i.e. staunch supporters of the BN, no matter what they did) finally gave up on the BN & are asking for someone lese to try govern OUR (i.e. belonging to ALL Malaysians & not just ONE) beloved nation.
By saying that an officer & some soldiers were sacked before the items were stolen...just shows how stupid they think we are! But then again, they are partially right! just look at some of the comments here. Again the opposition is blamed?! What more can you say?!

Anonymous said...

why would anyone ,want a 30 old ,out of date design, i dont understand,also the sum of rm 50m per pcs seems a little high for used parts,must be something else they not telling us

Anonymous said...

Rumour has it that it is once again internal politics.....the armed forces did not want the air force chief to become the Chief of the armed forces......else nothing would have been heard of these a lot of other things in malaysia that are done quietly our government!