Friday, January 15, 2010

Si Tanggang The Ungrateful Son

Hantu Laut

A heartless bitch of a wife and a henpecked husband.The wife wears the balls and he the pussy.Abandoned the father in his darkest hour.A time when the old man needs love and care.Would he abandoned him if he had fortune to hand over to this ungrateful son? The story here.

Although, as parents we shouldn't expect payback from our children, filial piety has always been a strong Asian culture and preserve.

This bring me back to the story of Si Tanggang (Malin Kundang in Indonesia) that we heard of or were told by our parents when we were kids.The Malay folklore about retribution on an ungrateful son.How the poor son sailed to faraway places to seek his fortunes, became rich and married a princess.On his return home to his village, ashamed of his humble origin, refused to recognise the poor elderly woman as his mother.The mother cursed him.As he sets sail he and his ship turned to stone.

The moral of the story is never abandon your parents in their hour of needs.

Hope he rots in hell.


eddy said...

I read the story too, I pray to God that this guy will rot in hell with his wife.

SM said...

Bro HL / Bro Eddy,

At last we agree on something! I believe that this "son" & his wife will one day "pay" for this kind of behaviour (either here or in the after-life). Yes, may they rot in the deepest part of hell!

Hantu Laut said...

We can only have one father in this world, no matter how bad he is,he is still our father,and as a son it is out filial duty to give him shelter whenever he needs it.

Mike Tan said...

He is already unwittingly showing
the example to his kids.What goes around comes around.