Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blimey! Who's The Blimp?

Hantu Laut

I am not a lawyer, nor a judge, but I could be a juror, if the jury system exists in this country.Unfortunately, it doesn't.

However, as a businessman, I deal a lot with lawyers.There are good lawyers, bad lawyers and obviously there are also stupid lawyers.Not all lawyers are clever and coming from the same fraternity not all judges are clever either.

No matter how smart you are or how smart you looked, no one is infallible, making mistakes is as in the proverbial "to err is human" could happen to anyone. That's why we are different from the animal kingdom where an innate, typically fixed pattern of behaviour exists.....triggering instinct rather than intelligence.

I read this with much consternation.The unanimous decision of 8 judges (5 Federal Court and 3 Court of Appeal) questioned and belittled by one retired judge who probably is on the verge of senility.

He says the judgement is riddled with contradictions without actually naming what they are.“On the face of it, it sounds like they are contradicting themselves, isn’t it?” he said.“And if it’s really contradicting, then the whole judgment is rubbish,” he added.

'It sounds like?' Good of you Mr Chan.Malaysians are convinced?

Malaysian Insider reports that Chan refrained from commenting further until he had read through the full written judgment.

That kind of sums up the natural instinct of Mr Chan putting " the cart before the horse", commenting before reading the full judgement.

How could 8 judges be wrong compared to this geriatric?

I am puzzled?


Pok Kam said...

Dear HL,

Good point there.

Y1 said...

Chan might be old but he does not sound senile. He gave his initial reaction rightly or wrongly but was sensible in not commenting further before reading the whole judgment.

If old equals senility, Lord Denning would be ignored after he reached 70. But he was revered many years after that.

Hantu Laut said...

Than he shouldn't comment before he read the whole Bible.

He is no Lord Denning not even a fraction.Lord Denning didn't dabble in politics.He is known as "the people's judge"

This guy is a frustrated judge.

Anonymous said...

If you don't get the answer that you want, or the answer that you like then, ask:

another expert/lawyer/judge;
then the next one,
and the next,
and another expert/lawyer/judge;
another one,
fine another expert/lawyer/judge,
... until you get the answer that is to your liking.


MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73

Y1 said...

Yes 8 judges versus 1 seems to be overwhelming. Sometimes in law the code may not prescribe justice.

I shall move on from this sad episode. No point kicking a dead duck.

Anonymous said...

I read that report too, hoping to learn what is it that was contradictory (not being legally trained and all that). Then it turns out, the one saying it hasn't even read the judgment. Apa la...

eddy said...

Not surprising comment coming from a retired Court of Appeal Judge who probably thinks he is "hakim bijaksana yang terakhir diMalaysia".

Agree with Bro HL, if he were sensible he would not have commented at all until he had read the written judgement.

Anonymous said...

you fit to analyse the decision of the 5 judges?

he may or may not be senile but surely you cant even pass Constitution Law 101 with your present knowledge. well, may be EDDY, the super can, huh?

eddy said...

Anon11:26pm..he,he marah ke? nanti kena jual, he,he..