Sunday, February 7, 2010

Threatening Malaysia

Hantu Laut

The article below is an editorial from the Washington Post.

The conclusion that Anwar Ibrahim is innocent, framed by the powers that be and assisted by the judiciary is the most appalling provocation and insult to the judiciary of this country.The editorial at Washington Post have joint the likes of Malaysia Today in making superflously gutter comments on matters that they have little knowledge of.The herd instinct is most appalling.

I was an international businessman and CEO of a company before. I have travelled extensively overseas on business, I never took my secretary, let alone my coffee boy on my overseas travel.You can get both services in most major hotels overseas at much cheaper cost.Why would you want to take your coffee boy and double your expenses?

Maybe, for the American it is alright to do so, it's has become their culture to take their coffee boy where ever they go.

Food for thought.

Why the prosecution of Malaysia's Anwar Ibrahim matters to the West.

IN THE PAST two years, Malaysia, which has been a one-party state since it gained independence in 1957, has made remarkable strides toward becoming a democracy. That it has done so is mostly due to the efforts and political talent of one man -- Anwar Ibrahim. So the fact that Mr. Anwar went on criminal trial last week should deeply concern the democratic world. The outcome could determine whether one of Asia's most economically successful countries preserves its stability and embraces long-overdue reforms.

A former deputy prime minister in the ruling party, Mr. Anwar was deposed and jailed in 1998 by former Malaysian strongman Mahathir Mohamad. A manifestly unfair trial followed in which Mr. Anwar was convicted of homosexual sodomy, which shamefully remains a crime in Malaysia. Six years later, the conviction was overturned by a court, and Mr. Anwar resumed his political career -- this time as an open champion of democracy in Malaysia and other Muslim countries.

Mr. Anwar succeeded in forging a coalition of opposition parties, including his own multiracial People's Justice Party, an Islamic party, and a secular party. He has campaigned against the government's toxic policy of racial discrimination, which funnels economic favors to well-connected members of the ethnic Malay majority. In the past two years, his coalition has pulled off a string of stunning victories in state and parliamentary by-elections; it now controls four of 13 state governments. If led by Mr. Anwar, it would have a fair chance of winning the next national election in 2013.

That's one reason it's suspicious that, three months after the state election victories in 2008, Mr. Anwar was once again accused of sodomy. Another is that his young male accuser was seen with aides of Najib Razak, who is now prime minister; Mr. Anwar says he has evidence that the accuser met with the prime minister and his wife shortly before making his charge. A third is that the case has been transferred from criminal court to a higher court whose judges are closely linked to the ruling party.

f Mr. Anwar is convicted, he could be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison and would be banned from politics for five years. He is 62. The ruling party no doubt hopes a conviction will cause the opposition coalition to crumble. But it could just as easily provoke a backlash against Mr. Najib or street demonstrations that could destabilize the country. That's why the Obama administration and other Western governments interested in stability in Asia should make clear that the imprisonment of Mr. Anwar would be a blatant human rights violation -- and not in Malaysia's interest.


Anonymous said...

which firm were you ceo of? u certainly dont talk like ceo material. must be a crony company

eddy said...

Bro no doubt Anwar Ibrahim have many friends who are sympathetic to him for many reasons. Anwar is in a battle for his political life so he will use whatever means that he have to defend himself in and out of court. The people at the Washington Post would not be following the trials as many in Malaysia would, only relying on information by Anwar and his supporters. Maybe its a good thing if our Foreign Ministers have our Ambassadors to update the foreign press or even put up an Advertisement on the newspapers to explain the Malaysian Government stand on the Anwar sodomy trial.

Because of the information explosion in cyberspace as compared to 12 years ago, people especially in Malaysia are better informed and are able to judge for themselves what is going on. That is why Bro, this time in 2010 no ceramahs by Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat leaders can incite hundres or thousands to go to the streets to demonstrate for Anwar.

As long as the Prosecution team keep a level head and act professionally and not too overly confident, then they have a good chance of convicting Anwar for the crime that he purportedly committed not because the BN Government is afraid of him and had hatched an elaborate plot to put him in jail. The truth will finally prevail in Court.

Hantu Laut said...

Give me your name and the name of your lawyer. You deposit RM1 million to my lawyer as stakeholder, I will provide you all the details including my travel details supported by documentary evidence to prove to you the truth of what I said in my article.

Please tell me how does a CEO talk?

Guess what, I can see through your pants how small your prick is.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hantu Laut,

Just ignore the Anon 11:23pm comment as coming from one of Anwar's secret admirer or his FUBU. SO you are absolutely spot on when you highlighted the fact that no sane CEO would bring their secretary or coffee boy along for overseas trip unless there is an ulterior motive to it. In this case if we think that all this is innocent then we must so bloody gullible or an oxy moron. I guess the Anwarista's are both.

Cheers Mr HL, dont get offended by the oxy moron's.

Anonymous said...

When the editorial goes "...homosexual sodomy, which shamefully remains a crime in Malaysia", then i know there's no point arguing with this mat salleh writer.

Takkan menang kita, beb.