Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Before You Accuse Me Take A Look At Yourself

Hantu Laut

PKR is in a mess and who gets the blame? Najib and Rosmah? The story here.

Anwar Ibrahim blames Najib and his wife for the troubles in PKR.How long is he going to keep blaming others for his own shortcomings.It wasn't Najib nor Rosmah who is leading PKR.It wasn't Najib or Rosmah who picked those men in the first place.

Instead of looking himself in the mirror and ponders where he has gone wrong over the years that so many of his friends and aides have left him, he tries to hoodwink Malaysians that it is always others who should be blamed for his troubles.The conspiracy against him by Najib now includes political espionage and buying of his lawmakers.

He said "It’s a difficult for me to understand if there’s no other circumstances, knowing that the Najib-Rosmah strategy is to try to buy people as much as possible,”

Feeling angry and stressed? Feel sorry for yourself? Tired of it? Stop pointing fingers and start taking responsibility.

Before the year end more lawmakers will leave him not because of Najib and Rosmah's offer of money (only fools would believe him) but because they are fed up with his arrogance and dictatorial ways. It's more of 'familiarity breeds contempt' rather than interference by external forces.

He may have to give up the opposition leadership to Lim Kit Siang or Hadi when PKR's total MPs dropped below DAP and PAS.

Dedicated to Anwar Ibrahim.

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eddy said...

Anwar's bag of political tricks is just about empty Bro, instead of confronting the issue and find out why PKR lawmakers are leaving, he resort to blaming others and unleashed his PKR diehards to whack and degenerate those who left. He even blamed a conspiracy by Najib and Rosmah to convict him for sodomy when Saiful the complainant was personally picked by him to be his assistant(some say coffeeboy). Its as if Malaysia revolve around Anwar Ibrahim and Najib the Prime Minister of Malaysia have got nothing better to do.

PKR and Anwar is officially in a perpetual state of denial with PAS and DAP gleefully providing the music to serenade them to extinction.