Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Damning The Judges

Hantu Laut

In every profession there bound to be bad apples and so it is with the judiciary all over the world.Corruptions and judicial misconduct in the Malaysian judiciary is minutely small compared to some other more developed nations.

The judiciary in the US revealed significant number of cases of corruptions and judicial misconduct.Some judges have either been removed from the bench or in more severe cases sent to prison.

Corruptions and judicial misconduct in our judiciary has been blown out of proportion by the oppositions.A war waged by none other than Anwar Ibrahim after his sacking as DPM/Finance Minister and imprisonment. His soreness against the administration and the judiciary can only be cured when he becomes the prime minister.

Since the whole judiciary is tainted he would have to remove every judges on the bench when he helms the nation.Whether the Agong would agree to a tribunal is yet to be seen.

The reprisal against the judiciary heighten after the March 2008 General Elections when the oppositions made significant inroad into the politics of the nation by capturing five states and denying the BN two-thirds majority in parliament.The road is set for a war of attrition against the judiciary and the executive.

In furtherance of the war against the judiciary the oppositions have engaged a former member of the bench who claimed to be an expert in constitutional law to openly attack and expatiates in contempt the judiciary with less than honourable names and accusations of incompetence, inferring them as a motley collection of judicial misfits.

Are they really that bad, wholesale? I am not sure but much of the complaints were mostly to do with Anwar criminal cases and the Perak's crisis which clearly are political in nature.None of the judges has been investigated for corruptions, judicial misconduct or other criminal act.

Many Malaysians out of ignorance value judgement the West and run down their own country just because people like Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Kit Siang, two of the most alluringly malicious opposition voices say so.

Can our judges beat the American judiciary in term of corruptions and judicial misconduct?

Maybe, NH Chan being a worldly man of wisdom can enlighten us as to where judicial corruptions are more widespread, in Malaysia or the US?

You would get an idea where we stand with our judges after reading the following articles.

1.Weed out the bad judges: More resources will help nail corrupt judges

2.Pennsylvania rocked by 'jailing kids for cash' scandal

3.The Human Cost of Corrupt Judges

4.Lawyers seek action against ‘corrupt’ judges

I believe none of our judges would go to the extreme of what those judges did in the stories above.

The damning of the judges is because of one man... Anwar Ibrahim.

This article is not a condonation of a corrupt judiciary but to show that our judiciary is not what Anwar and his gang made it out to be.


donplaypuks® said...

"The damning of the judges is because of one man... Anwar Ibrahim."

That's downright silly!

We have had numerous cases ranging from the ex-parte Insas case to Adorna Properties, Judge Aidid's accusations of corruption in the Judiciary, Lingam's beibg accused of writing a judge's decision and others where the decisions and conduct were untenable. The overwhelming majority of these cases have nothing to do with Anwar!!

We had a Royal Commission mooted by the PM of the day on the Judiciary where ex-CJ Eusoff Chin did not come out to well again. Again, this had nothing to do with Anwar.

All I will say is that we have a mix of good and bad as well as corrupt judges and the matter needs to be addressed and put right immediately!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

eddy said...

Actually Bro, I am patiently waiting for the Bar Council to make a statement about NH Chan's criticism and expletives on his brother judges. Wondering whether they are neutral or supportive of NH Chan or against his views. It matters to me and I think many ordinary Malaysians what the Bar Council thinks of the current Judges of the High Court,Appeals Court and the Federal Court as the Bar members are the ones who will face the judges and argue their cases before them. So if they are what is being described derogatorily by NH Chan then we have reason to be anxious. As for Anwar Ibrahim what can we say, he is only interested in saving his own skin to ensure that he becomes PM of this country by hook or by crook and then by virtue of his post all his troubled past will be he thinks. Lim Kit Siang DAP and Hadi PAS is just providing the music to serenade Anwar on his elusive dream.

An interesting neutral piece by Zaidel Baharuddin or better known as Sinatra Z titled Pakatan Rakyat to Pakatan Riot should be read:

Its about Anwar and how he is leading Pakatan Rakyat on a road to nowhere.

Hantu Laut said...

That not down right silly,that's down right the truth that blinkered people refused to accept.

When did it all started, if not during Anwar's sodomy trail.The damning of the judges were mostly because of Anwar.

There are only a few cases of judicial misconduct which should not drag the whole judiciary into disrepute.

I won't deny there were corruptions but those were actions of individual judges.

Read my story with more care,I am talking about the whole judiciary not individual judges.

The Royal Commission was a farce, nothing came out of it.

donplaypuks® said...

The RCI was not a farce; the conduct of the AG in not pressing charges was!

When you've catch someone with his fingers in the cookie jar, you don't then pretend that you need other witnesses! Shameful!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

patrickteoh said...

Hi Saiful. What a great and pleasant surprise to hear from you my old friend. If the MSM exists to make the PM and whoever look good they sure are failing miserably. All they succeeded in doing so far is provide the nation with daily doses of tragic comedy at the expense of their bosses. Yeah being a "bit of a maverick" got me fired didn't it? But I was glad for the TV3 experience which I really enjoyed. And Mahathir Lokhman sure made something of himself from that start. He hasn't changed a bit. In fact he might be more diva than before even. But you can knock success:-)

I live in Damansara Perdana now and was pleasantly surprised that Izam (remember him from TV3?) is my neighbour. He's doing very well. What are you up to these days?

My email is

pakteh adam said...

DPP ? Huh!!

Bacalah dan fikirlah dulu!

Human Race of which are you?