Thursday, March 11, 2010

Does Najib Spent 10 Hours On Facebook And His Son Is Worth US$98 Billion?

Hantu Laut

If there is anything that stands out about Lim Kit Siang and NH Chan, it is their dogged dog's life.They are forever in political bereavement. Complaint,complaint,complaint. They couldn't find any goodness in others other than those they can use for their political agenda.Not a single day missed without mowing down the Prime Minister and our higher court judges, even on the flimsiest of excuse. Not that I believe the PM and judges in this country are infallible.To 'err is human' but to be called idiots, impostors and intellectual frauds.Well, that is another thing.The judiciary subjected to contumely and contempt.Only in Malaysia.

Read his latest much ado over nothing about Najib spending too much time on Facebook.As if he knows for sure Najib spent 10 hours a day staring at his computer's monitor on Facebook.Quoting Najib's political secretary as saying that Najib personally attended up to 600 messages a day which take up most of his time leaving none for running of the state.Well, maybe, Najib's political secretary is an idiot too.

Just two days ago I was having a drink at my favourite watering hole when two gentlemen walked in and perched themselves at the other side of the horseshoe bar across from where I sat.While waiting for their drinks, I could hardly believe the conversation I just overheard.One of them told the other that there was a book written by a "Mat Salleh" where the writer claims that Najib's son has amassed USD98 billion.I almost fell off my bar stool as the mind-boggling figure gave me instant vertigo and my biological calculator just couldn't compute such massive figure.Gosh! What have happened to Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, two of the world richest men? Have they been displaced by this young man?

Although his friend was a bit sceptical, the man insisted that it must be true because it was written by a well-known journalist who used to work for a reputable international newspaper.

You see, not all are born idiots, some are made.

I am not sure which book he is referring to.I suspect it could be the one written by Barry Wain on Mahathir, which, unfortunately, was banned here.I see no reason for the ban.The government should lift the ban and lift the suspicion that it has something to hide.One can get a copy across the causeway or purchase and download the e-book from the Internet.So, what the point of the ban?

Most writer writes to make money, not all tell gospel truth.Sensationalism makes money, truths don't.The book written by Barry Wain is to disparage Mahathir and Malaysia, so anything goes no hold barred.

The worst kinds are those coming from the fourth estate and Barry Wain is no exception.Susan Loone , maybe an exception, she is more smutty than smarty.

If NH Chan, the irascible ex judge openly called our Appeal and Federal Courts judges idiots, impostors and intellectual frauds than it wouldn't be wrong to say that most Malaysians including him are equally guilty of such inherent flaws, thrive on rumours and the untruths and believing in the unbelievable.

Many of us do know or have read Darwin's "Origin Of Species" and his theory of evolution and natural selection.

Darwin's theory of evolution and natural selection can be considered as intellectual frauds because the apes that we were supposed to have evolved from are still around and his theory of natural selection fell by the wayside, there was no survival of the fittest, the world is still full of idiots, which by his theory of natural selection should have been taken out of the equation.

Why bother yourself with such complicated scientific craps, just stick to simplicity, religion.Not to forget that God too isn't perfect in his creations.That's why we still have idiots.Divine intervention has also not been able to iron out the imperfections.

So, smart asses people like Lim Kit Siang, NH Chan, Martin Jalleh and the ilks must accept that even science and divinity can't guarantee that there wouldn't be any idiots left on mother earth.

For the faint-hearted, if you believe Najib spent 10 hours a day on Facebook and his son is worth US$98 billion than you would believe the Malaysian pigs can fly.

Read who is the richest man in world now.Not Bill Gates, not Warren Buffett ?

"World's Richest" Person Now


Anonymous said...

You sounded like you'd read Barry Wain's book on Mahathir. Why don't you enlighten every idiots out there by telling everyone which part of Barry's book was obviously and totally untrue?

Purple Haze said...

If one takes one minute to answer one email, then, if Najib's political secretary is to be believed, it is really 10 hrs a day (600 x 1 /60 mins).

But perhaps he did not mean Facebook but rather email.

dinturtle said...

A good post.

And anon above actually buy Barrys story !?? How about asking Barry prove his claims ? I mean, we have all these idiots claiming such and such and the accused have to come out and prove themselves innocence ?

What happen to innocent until proven guilty ?

Anonymous said...

I didn't read BW's book. That's why I'm waiting to be enlightened so that when I see any white dude questioning the integrity of our Tun and country, I can immediately disprove all the obviously false and malicious accusations about our beloved Tun with proven facts and figures.

Anonymous said...

Dalam banyak2 blog posted today, this one make me laugh... pecah perot... pls.. apa punya bodoh la kalau nak percaya " Najib spent 10 hrs depan pc, anaknye lebih kaya ..." hehehe... really stupid if you trust that title itself...

dev said...

i believe NH Chan article got more oommp then your article.
to belittled a men like NH Chan who can wrote such a wonderful argumentative article is like a men who is blind with ideas and can only live in a single dimension. ( e.g. a flat landers )

and to mentioned Darwin's Theory of evolution without really studying it in full depth is like a cow trying to survive in the wild jungle.

your points on Darwin's theory of evolution is not even wrong.

Hantu Laut said...


If you can't walk properly, don't try to run, you might stumble,fall and break your neck.

Did I talk about NH Chan's writing or his contumely attitude and idiots of the world like you?

eddy said...

Bro HL,

1. Like you I do not question NH Chan's right to question the decisions and judgement of his brother Judges, the Judges are after all including NH Chan himself, only human. The Judges duty is a tough one as it is to make a legal decision based on legal arguments and case laws put before him by opposing lawyers, and make a decision based on the law as he interprets it.

However it is a pity and really shameful of a former Judge to insert in his critiques disparaging remarks against his brother judges which showed his resentment, vindictiveness and anger, with words like idiots,impostors, frauds and intellectual frauds meant to cause hurt and offend the judges who are after all human. NH Chan as a former judge knows only too well that the judges on active service would not be able to respond in kind to his critique.

NH Chan should and must be reminded that he does not have the monopoly on the truth just because he is now the toast of the Pakatan supporters, the bold ex Judge, the enlighthened one so to speak. A toast he may be for pakatan supporters but if he had been younger say 12 years old I would have thought that he is suffering from ODD - Oppositional Defiant Disorder (aggressiveness and a tendency to purposefully bother and irritate others). Alas, he is a retired appeal court Judge so maybe he is suffering from some other personality disorder in his old age. I do not know. I do hope that when he writes those beautiful(not necessarily correct) law essays/critiques complete with quotes from shakespeare, he would leave those disparaging words against his brother Judges on his head not at the tip of his pen.

Obviously shit stirrers like Lim Kit Siang and Martin Jalleh, would latch on NH Chan's writings and hold it up high as the Gospel truth as it suits their political agenda. Now they are baiting and challenging the Judges to hold NH Chan in contempt of court. I think its an exercise in futility as Learned Judges in active duty have far too much work to do to settle other pending cases in court then wasting their time to answer a retired judge critique.

2. Tun Mahathir wanted the book by the Aussie Mat Salleh Barry Wain now residing in Singapore to be unbanned in Malaysia so that the good Doctor would sue the pants of the Mat Salleh and Lim Kit Siang too, who called for a Royal Commission to investigate Dr Mahathir based on the book. I am still waiting for the book to be unbanned. Wonder what is keeping the KDN.

3. Talk about Bill Gates who missed being the world's richest by a few dollars Bro? Bill Bates and Warren Buffet would have been much richer if they had not given away billion of dollars away for philanthropy. Just goes to show the age old wisdom that if you give more for charity, more rezeki/fortune will come your way.

4. and Bro, if Najib spends 10 hours on Facebook, his wife or any body else's wife for that matter will be unhappy. Unhappy wife makes husband unhappy, Najib is a calm and relaxed man he is certainly not unhappy. For Lim Kit Siang to even politicize this matter just showed that the DAP stalwart really have run out of ideas to whack Najib.

5. Talking about the DAP, here is a gem from the just expelled ex PKR MP Zul Nordin who said DAP stands for Daddy-Anak Party. I happily second that remark Bro.

dev said...

the world is a better place to live without half baked facts, lies , warping mind and 1 dimension view of a flat creature.