Friday, March 19, 2010

The Errand-Boy Of Lim Kit Siang.

Hantu Laut

The left,the right and the middle.Whatever.Does it matter what sloganeering you use as long as the message is clear and well understood by the people?Does it matter if 1 Malaysia is copied from the 1 Israel concept? If it is good why not copy it.Since you mentioned it, don't you think what you say can be construed as a racist remarks, that Malaysia should not copy the Jews because they are evil people.

Throughout our lives we have copied almost everything from the West.Our Islamic world is even more screwed up now than before where many inventions and sciences came from.The European Renaissance was founded on Islamic civilisation.Now, we are beggars to their technologies.

What the big fuss, Anwar? Aren't you much closer to the Jews than Najib is. You have made yourself a world player and the world has become your oyster.You have many friends overseas who are prepared to stick their necks out for you.Your overseas friends can see no fault in you, they can only see a government armed in conspiracy to harm you.

My sincere apology, the Jews were actually from the Middle East.It could well have been the Middle West, but, unfortunately, for us Asians most history books were not written by us.In fact, almost all history books were written by the Westerners.Naturally, with the guns and pens in their hand they have the first choice to write whatever they like and to name names as they deemed fit.

You are running out of issues and wasting precious parliamentary time to attack Najib's 1 Malaysia concept.There are other more pressing issues like the future of the economy,poor public transportation system, the high costs of living, inadequate public health care and other critical matters that directly affect the peoples lives.These are things you and those of your ilk should be concerned with but show no interest at all.You are more concerned with injecting venoms into the peoples mind that 1 Malaysia is a farce.

What is so difficult about understanding the 1 Malaysia concept.Even my five-year old granddaughter understands it as 'bringing all Malaysians together as one'.Only people like Lim Kit Siang and you seemed not to understand such simple 'in an eggshell' slogan and spend so much time trying to kill it before it kills your stupid 'Middle Malaysia' which if taken from its socio-political definition means you are only interested in the Malaysian middle class. DAP will eventually lead you and Pakatan to be a party of the bourgeois.

Middle is more ambiguous than one.As in 'Middle America' denotes small town or surbarban middle class and in the case of 'Middle England' non-urban middle class and 'Middle Australia' subarban middle class.So, what is 'Middle Malaysia' that the DAP is promoting? Are they only interested in the bourgeois class?

Surely, DAP's 'Middle Malaysia' means the urbanite middle class, exactly where their supports came from in the March 2008 General Elections.They are not interested in the lower income group and rural poor whom they think are too stupid to make major changes to the political mindset.

Someone suggested that Middle Malaysia is the same as Malaysian Malaysia.It is definitively not the same.Malaysian Malaysia was seen as a dirty word coined by Lee Kuan Yew to make every Malaysian 'equal among equals'.That,unfortunately, caused panic among the Malays who in the early stage of independence are still left far behind in term of economic development.The Malaysian Malaysia concept if accepted at that time would have killed the Malays economically and Lee Kuan Yew knew exactly that would be the case but yet pursued it assiduously leaving the then Prime Minister Tengku Abdul Rahman with no choice but to kick Singapore out of Malaysia.Lee, has never looked back ever since.DAP is a spitting image of the PAP, entailing the same concept and policy with even more chauvinistic fervour.

While, on the other hand he persists that UMNO is a racist party with racist policies, he also opposed Najib's attempt to dismantle the colour barrier and bring all Malaysians together as one people and a nation united as one.

What is wrong with you guys or was it because 1Malaysia is becoming a threat to Lim Kit Siang's Middle Malaysia?

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eddy said...

I like the 1 Malaysia slogan; Rakyat di Dahulukan, pencapaian diUtamakan. I would like to see Najib and his Government to apply the slogan more vigorously.

DAP's middle Malaysia is like Islam Hadari both are propagated by its political leaders and both are very difficult to comprehend let alone explained.

I will only be able to comprehend Middle Malaysia when a so called "multiracial" DAP have profile of its leaders and members which reflects the composition of the various races of this country. Otherwise its just cheap political talk just like their Malaysian Malaysia slogan.