Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Don't Play Golf And 99.999 Percent Malaysian Don't

Hantu Laut

How many Malaysians play golf?

The Prime Minister recently announced that the government has abolished the import duty on golf buggy.This, he says is to make the game cheaper so more people can play the game and more tourists would come here to play.

Wonder on whose advice he arrived at these assumptions?

We all know golfs are mostly played by the well-heeled.It is an expensive,time consuming and highly glorified game which can only be played by those who can afford it and afford the time.In other words golf should only be played by those who have made it and those who wanted to be professional player.

How would the reduction in the price of golf buggy makes the game cheaper and affordable for the lesser souls? Are golf clubs throughout the country going to reduce their entrance and subscription fee to those who wanted to buy membership or are they going to let free use of the buggy since the cost of buying it has come down?

It is more than obvious that golf is an elitist game and those who started out were mostly social climbers who played the game not for its sporting spirit, at least in this country it is, but for the public image and glory.

In spite of the many golf courses in the country Malaysia has not produced any world champion or professional golfers that the nation can be proud of.As in many other sports in this country, the game has become a game of chance for some players, betting heavily among themselves.

If the government is serious in promoting the game to make it affordable to more Malaysians than the right thing to do is to build public courses in populated areas all over the country.Such courses need no buggy.The player can have the option to carry his own bag or employ a caddy.

What is being done now only serve, maybe 0.001 percent of the population.Making the rich richer and those given the sole right to supply the machines even richer.

Are there anymore level-headed people in government who can think of something that can benefit the masses and the less fortunate?

You hit the wrong chord Mr Prime Minister.


eddy said...

I am also one of the 99.99% Malaysian who does not play golf and does not see any benefit by Najib's latest concession for golf players and the golf industry.

I think golf is too time consuming and I suggest that the PM also make a blanket ban to ensure that ALL Civil Servants and GLC workers do not play Golf during office hours on weekdays to ensure that precious man hours can be used more productively for the nation.

I am afraid with this concession from PM Najib civil servants and GLC workers who plays golf may think that its okay to skive off work to do some golf during office hours.

Better to take up bowling during after office hours or weekends where the wife and kids can share with the fun too. Wholesome family activities is what this nation needs not individual centric activities.

Anonymous said...

..think positive and it's okay to
play any games you like

i support dsai and pakatan and golf is a great
game.cheaper buggies means cheaper rental of buggy
which means cheaper cost to play golf which means
more koreans n japanese will pour money to train and
play here.they can train here for 6mths during fall
winter and early spring.that is a lot of hospitality
jobs for us local.
more exposure to the game will inspire our kids
to play and maybe a vijay or tiger to rise from here.
a US Open champion from Malaysia will put Malaysia
in the sporting nation that is watched by 1 billion
people all over the world.That is free advertising.
cheaper buggy is key.
a golf course typically employ 300 staff that looks after 4 family members.per golf course therefore looks after 1200 people.200 golf courses
indirectly looks after 240,000 people save the golf
pro shop all over the country.
lets encourage golf is ok to reform
but it is also ok to do big business.after all,if
200 golf course buys 10 new buggie each,its only
additional 2000 buggies which means only savings of
3000 koreans play golf here everyday and if we
can increase that to 5000 and each spending rgt 100,
that is rgt50,000 a day.we cover the rgt20mil in a
minute while giving jobs and well being to 240,000
malaysians,save a Malaysian Tiger Woods and free advert!


vinnan said...

Anon March 10, 2010 10:30 AM,

You see people like HL and UMNO clowns like eddy do not wish to acknowledge that there is such a thing as the real economy. The golfing industry is one of the few games in the world with a very large following flying from one country to another bringing in massive foreign earnings. Malaysia have two natural advantages when it comes to golfing. We still have large tracts of land near major urban centres and we have a lot of water. Malaysia can become the golfing capital of Asia with proper management. Hundreds of thousands of jobs await Malaysians if we can get this golfing thing right. The reduction in import taxes for golf buggies is a step on the right direction.

People like HL and Eddy think that caring for Malaysians is about how to reduce the cost of living for for the Malays so that UMNO can create a lot of Melayus to support them. Teach the Malay to work in up and coming industries and you will never have to subsidize them again.

Anonymous said...


yes, credit is due for you on this one .

when the average people is hoping for the government to reduce taxes on vehicles they use daily to commute, the PM thought it is rather nice to rub some salt onto their wounds !

may be he thinks we can buy the buggy for the ride to work ?

101% said...

It is indeed noticeable that when the Hantu Laut and his evil sidekick, Eddy, try to be "neutral", they attack the government on trivial matters. The more substantial problems with the government, they simply refuse to see.

Anyway, I am one of the 101% of non-BN members who don't play golf. Jibby is just trying to help his cronies with their cherished pasttime. Now that the two cash cow states are in opposition hands, there is less money for them. What's wrong, in the spirit of unfairness and Malaysia boleh, for Jibby to help his cronies in their our of "need"?

Well, Hantu Laut and Eddy, since you are such staunch UMNO supporters, why don't you learn how to play golf? It may prevent you from playing the more dangerous games that UMNO supporters like to play... such as playing with Mongolian ladies...


eddy said...

1. Vinnan, most times you write cock and goobledegook but sometimes you write something that is arguable but can be acceptable, but must you spoil it by calling people who does not agree with you with all sort of labellings, UMNO clown lah.

Its really annoying this name callings you know, especially when I am a BN supporter not an UMNO member, so why don't we just agree to disagree and just write what we think without having to call each other names. I guess you are not matured enough to be able to grasp this kind of civil concept so I have a suggestion why not you consider buying yourself a new golf buggy under the PM's new initiative and drive it off a cliff somewhere. Believe me, it will save a lot of people a lot of angst.

2. Jo(10:30am) obviously you like golf, but hey its a good game which many of my friends enjoy. The influx of tourists to play golf in our country is definitely good for the economy but do we have 200 golf courses to sustain such a big workforce to contribute to our well being as a whole. I would rather the Government spend some money or offer more incentives for Foreign Direct Investment or even Domestic Direct Investment for biotech, agricultural and higher tech industries etc which will employ more skilled engineers, managers, technicians, workers necessary for a high income economy that is being envisaged by the Government.

Golf gardeners, caddies or golf club housekeepers do not earn very much you know, but definitely the Golf and Country Club owner elites will get richerlah. Tq..

Hantu Laut said...


Well said.That guy always 'cut his nose to spite his face' and it 'no skin off my nose.

Many of comments are worse, so racist and obscene, I dare not post them.I have to reject most of them.

If I keep posting all his comments and you know what next,Bukit Aman will come looking for me.

eddy said...

1. Right on Bro HL, I can imagine what Vinnan wrote that you just have to delete. I understand he has been banned from many pro government blogs so actually you are giving him face just by posting his comments.

2. 101%/Lmao, you are another vinnan in the making, if you do not like what we pro BN supporters write then tough luck matey, no amount of name callings will stop us at what we like to do and we do it for free, from the heart. I guess you do not understand those democratic ideals, do you? Its probably too difficult for your puny brain to comprehend kan?

Anonymous said...

1. Golfing is a big business. Many tourists come to Malaysia just to relax and play golf. Although working in a golf club is not very profitable, the potential of a golf tourist to spend money on other related items is very high. Hey, they have to stay somewhere right?
2. Out of the 0.001% who do play golf, maybe less than 5% of those are playing to turn pro one day. Don't expect to see a Malaysian trained in Malaysia to win any major tournaments anytime if at all. Competition in golf is extremely stiff. Quality of opportunity is simply inadequate in Malaysia. Yes, affirmative action is actively working to equalise talent disparity in Malaysian golfing population. Thank Mahathir for his insights.
3. Many able local golfers like to walk to the next hole as it is seen as a form of exercise. The use of a buggy is probably for the benefit of older golfers, likely to be tourists.

Hantu Laut said...

To all nitwitted Pakatan supporters,

I think it's about time you guys go back to school and improve on your English and learn to read and comprehend what you read.

Where in my article did I say I am against golf? Didn't I say build public courses to enable poorer locals to take up the game.

If your understanding of the English language is so screwed up you would be better off commenting in the language you know best instead of making a fool of yourself.

vinnan said...

There is nothing to be civil about a bunch of clowns who champion the national language but use the English acronym for UMNO when giving speeches championing the use of the national language in Bahasa Malaysia. In other words until you UMNO shit learn to be non racist, non-hypocrite, fair minded people civility will never apply to you people.

One more thing, if you are a BN supporter that makes you no better than an UMNO dog.

eddy said...

Bro HL, I admire your patience with this vinnan character, his barkings are noisy and annoying but nevertheless harmless like a chihuahua, so I guess I just have to leave him alone to bark until such time he quiet down.