Friday, March 26, 2010

Sleazeball Politics

Hantu Laut

The revelation by Zulkifli Noordin that he was asked to link the Altantuya murder case with Najib and Rosmah,maybe, tip of the iceberg.There may still be many of this type of sleazeball politics in the Pandora's box.

There may be truth in Zul's claim.As we Muslims say if you have 'iman' you wouldn't succumb to such evil act no matter how lucrative the offer is.'Fitnah' as we all know is the greatest sin in Islam, unforgivable by Allah, only the victim can forgive the doer.

Zulkifli might have been reluctant because of his conscience but there are other unconscionable individuals who are prepared to do the devil's work.

It makes one wonder how much money had passed hands in this sleazeball politics. I am not sure which came first, Raja Petra's Statutory Declaration which implicated Rosmah to be at the scene of the murder or Bala's Statutory Declaration implicating Najib's sexual relationship with the murdered girl?

This smear campaign confounded by the relationship of Najib with Razak Baginda have succeeded to merge the simple-minded into believing it. The opposition has shown extremity of ill will and dirty tactics that paints a sordid picture of what they are capable of doing.How much does it take to pay the low-life to lie?

The oppositions have also found a new tool to straighten the lie, the use of Statutory Declaration.Any contemptible liar can use it.

To the simple-minded Malaysians the SD is the truth.Some even put their faith in the low-life who are prepared to sell his soul to the devil for the devil's reward. Every man has a price.What would people like Bala fetch if offered the witch's brew?

How many times can a serial and congenital liar change his lies? A scientific study has shown that genetic defect partly contributed to a person inability to tell the truth. In the case of Bala, not less than three times.He made the first confession, withdrew it and now coming back for more.Said he was threatened and paid money by Najib's men to withdraw his SD.This man is not only a liar he is also an extortionist.

To sow the seeds of discontentment and doubt in the minds of the simple-minded, SD may be insufficient to lure some of them to bewilderment, technology becomes handy as mind-bender for the intellectually deficient.Visualization and doctoring images can boggle the mind and the oppositions, surprisingly PAS seemed not to have any objection, have resorted to this kind of muck.Remember Tian Chua, the master forger ? Below, are some of his and Pakatan' supporters handiwork to discredit Najib.

If truly Najib knew this lady there must be photos of them somewhere.Till today, none, including professional and journalistic sleuths, have been able to produce the real photograph.

Here is Anwar response to a journalist who asked him about Zulkifli's revelation.He responded : “It is a very unreasonable statement from a journalist...who is paying you to ask this question?”

Was that an expression of guilt. Just because the oppositions pay people to lie, he thinks everyone can be bought.

Below, he participated in Bala's press conference.

Why participate, if you have no vested interest in it?

Would you vote for sleazeball politics?

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NO,NO,NO definitely NO!