Monday, March 8, 2010

"Twin Pariahs Of The United States Of Malaysia"

Hantu Laut

This, obviously, is the living embodiment of "empty vessel makes the most noise"

One of Pakatan's dizygotic twin is heading for the crunchiest crunch, an economic fallout unprecedented in its history as one of the most favoured states by foreign investors. The "Pearl of the Orient" is becoming the "Pariah of the Orient" for foreign investors.

Foreign direct investments are avoiding Penang like a leper colony.Even existing investors are running away.

For Penang to lose out to back-water states like Sabah and Sarawak, it's nothing less than disgraceful.

Thanks to Lim and his able-bodied team.

Read the article below by Calvin Sankaran and do expect a naysay from Lim and all his Pakatan followers and their endless state of denial.

The CM with the negative Midas touch — Calvin Sankaran

Here Selangor Mentri Besar Khalid Ibrahim boasted about his achievement on FDI for the other twin.

Any right thinking person (except PR supporters) would immediately know this 'crock of shit' of self-congratulatory applause is just another round of foddering the supporters.

Approved investments only.... why so excited? Khalid should release the investment figure already planted on the ground.Out of the RM6.76 billion how much already in the pocket?

Approved investments are like "Memorandum Of Understanding" investors may or may not proceed with the investments.

For Selangor to lose out to Sarawak, a backwater state is most shameful. The BN government have built first class infrastructures for Selangor, the best in the whole nation and yet he lost to poorer state like Sarawak and amusingly Khalid took pride in this laughable achievement.

Come on Khalid,be honest, the credit should go to the BN government, not you or Pakatan.

You are giving too much credit to yourself.With all the money poured into Selangor in the past, your performance is shamefully dismal.

Lest you forget, self praise is no recommendation.


Y1 said...

Wow! HL you are now really showing your hand. I thought you are reasonable and balanced in your opinion.

Maybe your headlines have gone extreme to attract attention?

donplaypuks® said...

This guy Calvin Sankaran wrote Intel and Dell have quit Penang. That is a blatant lie.

The rest of his article is therefore a total distortion and waste of time. Look at the cooments in MI from Penangites and you'll know th etruth!!

We are all of 1 race,, the Human Race

eddy said...

Bro HL, Pakatan state Government are very good at taking praise of BN's hard work and equally good at diverting blame to BN.

here's additional news from Bernama:

Penang Records 78 Per Cent Drop In Investments Last Year

PENANG, March 4 (Bernama) -- Foreign investments in Penang declined a whopping 78 per cent to RM2.2 billion last year against RM10.2 billion recorded in 2008.

"It's the lowest investment ever recorded by the island state in the past five years," said Penang Gerakan Small-and--Medium Entreprenuers (SME) Bureau Chairman Michael Heah at a press conference here Thursday.

According to the Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (Mida), the number of approved projects recorded in Penang also dipped 31.12 per cent to 104 projects in 2009 from 151 projects in 2008.

Heah said Gerakan received feedback from small-and-mdium entreprenuers and industry leaders who claimed the state government had diverted resources significantly into the services sector.

"Gerakan is not objecting to the state government supporting the development of the services sector, but we would like them to explain why the sudden diversion in state resources which may affect the continued growth of the industrial sector," he said.

Heah said Penang had more than 30 years of experience in the electrical and electronics sector and was home to international household companies like Intel, AMD, Motorola, Fairchild, Agilent, Osram, Robert Bosch, Renesas, Braun, Dell, Sanyo and Toshiba.

"We urge the state government to announce its Industrial Master Plan to help the manufacturing industry, especially SMEs, who are fighting for survival," he said.

Heah also said if the present state government was serious in attracting foreign investments, it should allocate funding to Invest-in-Penang Bhd (InvestPenang).

"Between 2004 and 2007, InvestPenang, under Barisan Nasional, was funded by state government resources and not the federal government.

"Penang Development Corporation contributed RM3 million while the state government, Penang Municipal Council and the Seberang Perai Municipal Council contributed RM1 million, each, during the company's inception," he said.

....DAP and PKR are only good for shit stirring but are useless as a Government because they spend too much time politicking or on politicking related activities and making tons of election promises which they know they could not keep.

How do you explain a party like PKR which expels its own MP who speaks his mind about the ALLAH issue and make a police report against a PAS member who went overboard on the issue but keeps and defend an ADUN/EXCO even though her nude photos taken by her boyfriend(some say married man) are still flying around in cyberspace. Its just pathetic Bro, but just take a seat Bro as PKR sinks under its own leaders' hands.

Hantu Laut said...


Sankaran was right.Read the AP news appeared in Malaysian Insider in Jan this year.

Intel shuts two plants in Penang

LOS ANGELES, Jan 22 — Intel Corp said yesterday it is consolidating its manufacturing operations as a part of a restructuring bid that will affect thousands of jobs from the US to the Philippines.

Between 5,000 and 6,000 employees will be affected, though some may be offered posts at other facilities, the company said.

The world's largest chipmaker is closing two assembly test facilities in Penang, Malaysia and one in Cavite, Philippines and will halt production at a plant in Hillsboro, Oregon. It will also end wafer production at a facility in Santa Clara, California. All five are older factories, the company said.

Intel currently employs about 84,000 workers. The company expects to complete the job cuts by the end of the year.

Last week, Intel posted a whopping 90 per cent decline in its fourth-quarter profit, hurt by declining demand for its microprocessors — the brains of PCs — amid the economic downturn.

The results, however, matched Wall Street's expectations as the company had twice lowered its sales forecast.

Shares of the company climbed 17 cents to US$13.43 in after-hours trading, having closed the regular session up 40 cents at US$13.26. — AP.

Although, Penang is not alone in the shake up, it certainly means Penang has lost its lustre with Intel.There are still other Intel factories operating in other parts of the world.

All that was written by him was correct.You,like all PR supporters, are always in denial mode.

Anonymous said...


How come I still have friends working in Intel Penang ? If it has closed shop ?

When you labeled donplaypuks as PR people whom perpetually in denial mode, I would like to bend that little finger of yours towards yourself, but then, I realize it is a wasted effort because the other 3 fingers of yours have done the job !

How funny it is when you conveniently put all the blame on PR and LGE for the ills the country is facing even only after 2 years of running the states... Ever heard of the chinese proverb, where " Ice is not form due from a night of cold " ?

52 years of rot, robbing the country coffers from north to south, east to west, 3km down the earth where oils were found to the stratosphere where the satelites float...the alarm bells of empty are ringing like hell, and yet I still find people like you around talking like you do, labeling others nincompoop as you go along?

You can distort facts only to a certain extent, beyond that, you will sound hollow like an empty vessel, and even fence sitter will find it obnoxious and disgusted by your blatant dishonest distortions .