Friday, April 30, 2010

Disgraceful !

Hantu Laut

Not everyone in the police force are bad.I am sure there are many good cops.The shooting incident that killed a young boy was accidental but reading this I am not sure whether the IGP was misquoted, if he wasn't than I am utterly shocked with his statement.

Public outcry is normal with such tragedy where a healthy young boy life was snuffed for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.The IGP must not forget that some young people are very frightened of the police and easily panicked.

What do I think of the IGP statement? Well, I think he needs some serious lesson in public relations.

Let's wait and see whether the police 'Internal Affairs' is as good as Hollywood's.

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vinnan said...

'What do I think of the IGP statement? Well, I think he needs some serious lesson in public relations.'

What a pile of stinking UMNO/Perkasa spin.

1. Teoh Beng Hock jumped to his death.

2. Kugan died from a disease.

3. The Malay girl was shot five times because she is some big time Minah criminal

4. Aminul Rasyid Amzah was shot in the back of the head execution style because he was also a big time criminal with a parang.

You UMNO/Perkasa allowed the police to get away with mayhem and murder even after numerous public complaints then yoiu same idiots give the police a hefty pay raise so as ensure the loyalty of the police. Come to think of it you are right, the IGP only needs a lesson in public relations. It is you UMNO/Perkasa who needs to be kicked out of power as soon as possible.

eddy said...

Bro, Bernama gives a more sober report of what the IGP actually said and meant, the Star seems to garnish the reporting a wee bit as usual.

KUALA LUMPUR, April 29 (Bernama) -- Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan Thursday asked the mass media, particularly the alternative media, not to twist police statements on the death of a youth recently.

He said speculation by twisting police statements would only worsen the situation and make investigation difficult.

"Don't make the situation worse as the public can become confused. Don't speculate as it can create controversy and hamper investigation," he told Bernama when contacted tonight.

Musa was commenting a report on Malaysiakini portal which had misinterpreted his statement that he was prepared to remove his men from the streets if it was what the people wanted.

His remark that should police stop enforcing the law and allow criminals to commit crimes was based on his reply to a question from a reporter.

"Let the politicians say what they want but I want to know whether you want us to enforce the law or not?

"If not, I will ask my men not to stop dangerous drivers or act against illegal racers," he reiterated a statement made this morning.

He reminded media practitioners not to twist statements made by police.

"I am sad by what happened to the victim and his family. I am sadder that my statement had been twisted to give another meaning," he added.


I agree with the IGP, best to leave the Police to find out and investigate what really happened at 2am when the fatal shooting happened. I am sure the IGP would want to get to the bottom of this most unfortunate incident as we all are.

A Azhar said...

To be fair the policeman who shot the lethal shot did not do it on purpose. He shot a tyre of the car but yet they kept on accelerating and then he shot the rear window and unfortunately the bullet hit the boy's head.

How would the police have known that it was an underage boy illegally driving a car and being stubborn not stopping while ordered to do so. It could have been some drug mafias. Who knows. And if it was a mafia gang I want them dead.

Secondly, everyone is pointing fingers to the police. But have we thought that the boy would have still be alive if he had stopped to the police's orders?

They are two sides to each story and I'm not defending neither. It's just unfair to blame one side especially to generalise the police force as being incompetent when they have been keeping peace and stability in the country.

Just something to ponder upon. Like the Malays say, Dah ajal. the whole situation was just a reason for it. If he had met with an accident there wouldn't be any public outcry. Rather people would blame the boy.

Hantu Laut said...


Have you got nothing nice to say about other people? Your hatred for UMNO and the Malays makes you a very dangerous racists.

You must learn to take things in mild doses.You should not lose your head over politics and called people by all sorts of name.

It just shows how uncultivated you are.

For your information Aminul Rashid was not killed execution style, it was an accident and you know it.

See, it's people like you who are the trouble.Use your head lah!, not your heart.