Sunday, April 4, 2010

Losing Faith: Khalid Ibrahim

Hantu Laut

The truth hurts.The response even more ridiculous.Khalid Ibrahim ran out of sensibility responding to Najib's remark that the people have lost faith in PKR.

Khalid Ibrahim couldn't find better words to express his annoyance with Najib, obtusely asking Najib not to come to Hulu Selangor.This is, probably, what the Malay called 'bodoh sombong'. I am not sure what 's the English equivalent, literally translated it could mean 'proudly stupid', but than in English the many words to describe the varying degree of stupidity can range from the very mild to the very extreme.Being called stupid is probably the mildest form and the most common.

Below are some of derogatory remarks you can use on people you don't like or those that offended you.A word of caution, though,don't overuse, you may end up a dead meat.

If you want to impugn someone's intelligence, the options are almost limitless.
You can call the person stupid, a term that implies a sluggish, slow-witted lack of intelligence.
Asinine is a harsher word, implying asslike or foolish behavior rather than slow-wittedness (: a woman her age looked asinine in a miniskirt).
Calling someone dumb is risky, because it is not only an informal word (: you dumb bunny!), but because it also means mute and is associated with the offensive expression “deaf and dumb,” used to describe people who cannot hear or speak.
Dense implies an inability to understand even simple facts or instructions (: too dense to get the joke), while dull suggests a sluggishness of mind unrelieved by any hint of quickness, brightness, or liveliness (: a dull stare).
Slow also implies a lack of quickness in comprehension or reaction and is often used as a euphemistic substitute for stupid (: he was a little slow intellectually).
Obtuse is a more formal word for slow-wittedness, but with a strong undercurrent of scorn (: it almost seemed as though he were being deliberately obtuse).
You can't go wrong with a word like unintelligent, which is probably the most objective term for low mental ability and the least likely to provoke an angry response (: unintelligent answers to the teacher's questions).E.Dictionary.

To be fair to Khalid, I should say he gave an unintelligent response to Najib's remarks.What Najib stated in his speech were facts.If Khalid feels the heat and felt slighted than he should go to the ground and find out the truth.Is PKR losing ground and why? The fact that some of its lawmakers left the party clearly indicates loss of confidence in the leadership.Bad leadership, would, sooner or later translates to bigger loss.

Khalid said “If they (the voters) are losing faith (in us), then why should he come here?

They are losing faith in Khalid, not Najib.

Najib was right.PKR, is suffering serious leadership and credibility crisis.As a citizen and apex leader of this nation Najib has every right to visit any place in this country.


eddy said...

The Hulu Selangor by-election is a sure BN winner provided the right candidate is put up from either the MIC or UMNO, i.e candidate(s) not chosen by Samy Vellu personally.

Though BN should not be overly confident of a big win, PKR are in tatters with Anwar, Azmin and Khalid wanting their own chosen candidate on top of the leadership crisis plaguing them now.

However, I hope party jumper and self styled liberal, Zaid Ibrahim will get his chance to represent PKR and this will really boost BN chances of winning and winning real big. Also, Khalid Ibrahim should do well not showing his face in Hulu Selangor as his little war on the Yayasan Basmi Kemiskinan had cost Selangor to lose a huge University project to Melaka, many Selangor residents are putting it mildly, really peeved with him for losing a economy generating project.

That stupid little war on the YBK is like Napoleon's Waterloo for Khalid Ibrahim and the Pakatan Selangor State Government and the aftermath of that will be seen by how much PKR lose in Hulu Selangor.

Hantu Laut said...


I agree.Depending on who the candidate is, BN will repossess the seat.I believe the Indians have seen the true colour of Anwar and Pakatan and will switch back to support the BN.

The Chinese,after getting Penang and Perak in the last GE and tasted the sweetness of political power are not likely to vote BN.