Thursday, May 13, 2010

Do You Still Want To Vote Pakatan?

Hantu Laut

How long can Pakatan Rakyat hold the Federal government should they win the next general elections before internal squabbles set in and break up the alliance? Even now the alliance is wobbly and is fluid for breaking up.

PKR, the most unstable among the three is saddled with defections.At the rate its members leaving the party it may not see the light of the next general elections. The cause, the consistently inconsistent leadership that's of Anwar Ibrahim.A man who rates himself too high on the IQ level resulting in him drowning himself in his own intelligence.A man who has become victim of self-importance.What is pleasant for the ears is pleasant for the souls.

Sibu, is a showcase of what could happen to this disparate alliance of political mismatch.PAS is conspicuously absent in Sibu.Where is PAS? With the exception of Nizar, who clearly is a DAP's lackey, why aren't other PAS leaders in Sibu to help in the campaign?

Below is Nizar's style of dirty politics that he so fondly accused Najib of doing when he was ousted as menteri besar of Perak.His venomous tongue is worse than a cobra's bite.Readers can judge for themselves from his speech where he even tried to speak Malay with a Chinese accent, what kind of a man he is.

So, who are playing with fire? His most invective speech to rile racial hatred between Chinese and Malays shows how bankrupt of ideas and dangerous he is.

What happen to the satu Bangsa Malaysia? Has PAS become an F word for the Chinese in Sibu so much so that they were afraid to show their presence in Sibu? Certainly, they can't use their Islamic badge in Sibu's
predominantly Chinese town but shouldn't people like Nik Aziz or Hadi Awang at least show up to show support and solidarity instead of sending the more than willing lackey of the DAP, the man who insulted his own Sultan for power and glory.

"Kita satu bangsa" is that a reality or a hype?

As we all know oil and water don't mix, one is more dense than the other.Oil, have by the will of God not only become a costly commodity but has also become master of the universe, always at the top.Without oil, everything will come to a grinding halt.Water, the elixir of life, without which humans can't survive, is taken for granted, always plentiful and always at the bottom.

DAP, is now the 'taiko' of Pakatan, always on top, PAS in the middle and PKR reduced to bottom rung of the ladder.Why hasn't Anwar Ibrahim given up his defecto leadership to Lim Kit Siang or Lim Guan Eng?

Just imagine two people with nothing in common,other than intuitively having good sex, marrying each other and the resulting incompatibility that they have to endure sharing the same house and bed after the honeymoon period is over.What do you get? Two poles apart.Try bring them together and see what you get.Repulsion, a feeling of intense distaste or disgust.Most ended in divorce.

What has PAS in common with DAP and PKR? Absolutely nothing other than wanting to grab Putrajaya.Do they have a common manifesto?

Other than barking at the corruption index of the present administration they have not shown as a viable alternative.By the transpiration in the states under their control it is highly doubtful they can even stamp out corruptions.

Selangor is deeply embroiled in charges of corruptions
.The MP for Kapar Manikavasagam has accused Menteri Besar Khalid of dereliction of duty for keeping a blind eye on corruptions and have threatened to expose the names of those involved.

Will it be a case of from the frying pan into the fire?

You can bet your money on it.They are worse.

Who'll take Sibu this time?

My crystal ball, which has a 50/50 chance of getting it right, says the BN with between 2,000 to 3,000 majority.


Y1 said...

The question should be "can I vote for BN and allow them to continue to plunder the country of whatever valuable that is left?"

I will continue to say we need a strong opposition, whichever party it might be.

Anonymous said...

You are a joker la!

SUPP/BN says DAP is PAS's lackey and you UMNO/BN fella says PAS is DAP's lackey...

So which is which?
Your consistent inconsistencies shows you "Talam Dua Muka" la...

Luckily got Internet with proofs of you guys spewing different nonsense to different people all the time.

As for your prediction, i will be eager to comment on your lost after the voting result is announced.

~ Unsupporter of Hantu Laut Inconsistencies

Hantu Laut said...

Sorry if I have to call you an idiot.Next time, read with your eyes wide open.Did I say Nizar the lackey or PAS? Read again.

At least,right or wrong,I have the guts to make prediction and write my own piece.What about you? Tell me by how much you think PR can win and why you think people should support them?

whackthembugger said...

I am an evil opportunist which is my base nature; I care only for money and power, the more the better. I care not of the valuable lessons of May 13 for I care not about the well being of my nation, race or religious sentiments except my selfish needs. I love doing things the back way; I get high and lost in my compassionate love for contemporary western music mired with sex and obscenity. I obligingly follow the bigots that blasphemies our true way of life for their motto befits my disrespect for holy guidance – PAS for All; come all sinners, deceivers, buggers, power crazy lunatics, lets join together and set up the Islamic State envisioned by a set of lost souls. The Pakatan symbols tells all – the rocket shoots up and penetrates the moon resulting in the moon symbol to split into the PKR symbol, the symbol of the ass hole.

Yes indeed the Pakatan conspiracy fits my profile as a selfish, desperate and chauvinist pig and that is my I will vote for DAP for greater anarchy and chaos.

Anonymous said...

Like i said, you are such a joker!

You clearly said in your masterpice that DAP is the "taiko" of Pakatan Rakyat.
So, that means you are saying that PAS is DAP's lackey!

Please read your own writing with your own eyes open!

Like i said, because of the Internet we have lots of scanned copies of Berita Harian, Utusan, Star & NST of the 90s when UMNO was screwing our beloved Sultan2 in the mass media.

Some of the things said on TVs i remembered are worse and if we got Youtube clips of those attacks on our Sultan2 by UMNO, they will shocked your readers here...

What all the UMNO leaders said then insulting and condemning the Sultan2 for glory and power are all there in the newspapers.
Our poor Sultan2 had no chance to respond to the attacks in the UMNO/BN controlled mass media.

If you want to hit Nizar for that, at least "cermin muka sendiri" first.

As i am trying to point the errors of your ways, there's still time for you to correct your inconsistencies.

As for your prediction, i will be eager to comment on your lost after the voting result is announced.

~ Unsupporter of Hantu Laut Inconsistencies

Hantu Laut said...

What can I say,Big Brother, my taiko!

eddy said...

Bro Whackthembugger you said;

"The Pakatan symbols tells all – the rocket shoots up and penetrates the moon resulting in the moon symbol to split into the PKR symbol, the symbol of the ass hole."

...Spot on Bro, a vote for Pakatan is a vote for ass holes.


Unsupporter of Hantu Laut Inconsistencies.. If you have all the evidences of past years why not start your own blog and expose whatever you want to expose in your own are beginning to sound like a broken CD player, like Ezam with the six boxes of Government secret that never existed. Go get a life dude.

As for Nizar he was a DAP lackey of the failed Pakatan Government. He is still a DAP Lackey first and PAS member second. The things he said after he was thrown out of the MB office is seditious..I pray that he will be locked up under the ISA for at least two years to calm his bruised ego.

And yes I agree PAS is a DAP lackey lock stock and Barrel.

Anonymous said...

Eddy ke, Hantu Laut ke...
When i see inconsistencies, i will gladly point them out.
Bunch of jokers.

As for your prediction, i will be eager to comment on your lost after the Sibu voting result is announced.

~ Unsupporter of Hantu Laut Inconsistencies