Friday, May 21, 2010

I Am Lawmaker Not Lawbreaker

Hantu Laut

I am not sure what to make out of Bung Mokhtar and his wife's joyful expression every time they meet the media.With grin from ear to ear he failed to see what people are seeing him as____ a clown.

"I am a lawmaker, not a law breaker" he says of himself with a smiley trophy wife in his arm and all that grins and smiles that proclaimed his idiocy.

Why are you going to jail if you are not a law breaker?

His infantilised remarks in Parliament are some of his idiosyncracies that have caused uproar in the august house and public outcry particularly from the ladies who took exception to his rude remarks about women.

This lawmaker not lawbreaker is a nut case of cheap publicity.

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Fine him more than RM2000 and see whether he'll be smiling all over.

Taking another wife is his business and Islam allows him the privilege but as a lawmaker he should have known better. He should have been more discreet and exercise some subtlety not only to consider his first wife's feelings but injury to his own reputation.

Would I lie to you, bloody fair dinkum mate, he is now a lawbreaker.


Confused said...

I don't understand, Hantu. I thought you were an UMNO supporter. Why criticise Bung? What has he done that other UMNO members have not done? Many of them have done worse things: mind-bogglingly massive corruption, murder, etc. I know, you have selectively criticised them too. But Bung is just childish: a child that has reached puberty and has a strong drive for sex, but whose mind is still that of a child. Sex is just part of his toy collection.

Anyway, intelligence is not a hallmark of UMNO members. In this, Bung is merely being exemplary (in the reverse sense).

Hantu Laut said...


This is the problem with you guys, you stereotype everything.

I support the BN concept,I am not UMNO supporter per se.

I still think the BN concept of power sharing is still the best for this nation.

I write on issues, not based on blind loyalty like most pro-Pakatan bloggers.They see no wrongs in Pakatan.

That's why you see I am not restrained from criticising those in BN and UMNO if I don't agree with what they do.

Malaysians elect their lawmakers based on popularity, not on their brains, so you should expect to get a number of Mokhtars in Parliament.

eddy said...

Bung is a lawmaker, he is also a virile old man so he succumbed to a young and pretty lassie can't blame him, I probably would if I had the opportunity he,he.

Unfortunately I do not think he will be smiling very much nowadays....the law is the law but I hope when he appeals he would be fined RM1000 or 1 month's jail after all he is not committing adultery, infidelity or being charged with sodomy with another man or anything immoral like a PKR Exco sleeping half naked with her pictures pasted all over the internet by her former married Muslim boyfriend.

So, Confused, do not be a hypocrite and try to put forth a holier than thou attitude OK. You Pakatan people are 2x5 sahja likelier even worse.

SM said...

Bro HL,

Bung Mokhtar is my hero! Zeze is a fox!
RM2,000 or RM20, problem...he's a BN lawmaker bah! By the way, I'm in KK for a holiday with Family...I'm impressed with KK!

Purple Haze said...


You used the case of a PKR state Exco member sleeping half naked as an example of immorality ?

I think that is rather irrational given that those pictures taken were not with her consent in the first place and secondly, distribution of those pics were also without consent. The immoral person here is the person who took those pictures and dictributed them.

While we may have differing views across the political divide, let us not lose focus on who the victim is and who the perpertrators are.

eddy said...

Aaah..Mr Purple Haze,its not the pictures really its the event before the pictures was taken. Do you really think that we adults are so naive as to think that the married muslim guy was invited by the YB Exco for a cup of coffee and some chit chat after that she went to sleep without asking the guy to leave? He, he... I think both were immoral not just one of them. TQ.