Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Let Sleeping Dog Lie

Hantu Laut

At last they come to their senses.

I believe the Prime Minister must have intervened and why shouldn't he, it is his head on the chopping block comes elections time, not the organisers or for that matter Tun Mahathir, which I find rather strange that he, according to the organisers, chose the date.

What Malay awareness could May 13 possibly bring for the good of the Malays.It is just a stark reminder of a bloody racial clash.

It is time to mollify, time for reconciliation and time to unite the people as one.Not to dig into the history book and chose a bloody part of our history to justify a calling of a Malay cause.There are other more auspicious dates that such an event could be held.

I am not against what the group is trying to do but they must choose a suitable time and May 13, for all intents and purposes, is not suitable.

It comes as a big surprise to me that Mahathir is actually deeply involved in organising the event, if what the organisers revealed is true. Certainly, not good news for Najib.

To Tun Mahathir I would say better let sleeping dog lie.You can response in other positive ways.


vinnan said...

Just like 1969 UMNO-Mahathir et al. provoked the Malays to riot and kill the Chinese. The Tunku got kicked out of power and was branded a Chinese stooge. The bastard Mahathir did not even give the Tunku a state funeral. Beware orang Melayu, your enemies are not the Chinese. If you people keep allowing yourself to be manipulated by the mamaks, they will come when it becomes too late for the nons to save the country.

Anyway, I think the racist rally was called off because the Mamak and his cronies got the gambling licence they wanted. What a great Muslim country we live in.

whackthembugger said...

What’s so big in canceling the May 13 gathering – don’t ne so presumptions on matters which have yet to happen? You think the attendees will bring their selendang merah and parang panjang? May 13 has many positive attributes for it has brought peace and development to the country after that. But the younger generation know not much of May 13 significance and with all the bull shitting by stupid asses like Nizar, LKS etc, some of the Malay folks deem fit to set some useful reminders in a closed environment. The proposed event is neither disturbing the hornet’s nest nor an issue letting sleeping dogs lie. Do you think those Malays anxious for the session is out to make problems? Don’t belittle the intelligence and peaceful nature of those Malays. Tun M, our astute citizen isn’t a racialist at all and so his presence speaks for itself, As far as I am concern Najib and Mahathir are just playing polished politics and due to the organizer’s respect for Najib, the event was canceled. But look at the Opposition politicians raising religious issues in Sibu, would they listen as they continue to be arrogant? Lock those buggers up with the ISA for they are a dangerous lot just out to win emotional sentiments at the expense of peace and stability. The Opposition dangerous campaign in Sibu should be condemned in the harshest manner.

Anonymous said...

Well. I agree with you. The theme of this gathering should be tuned so that it will project a different 13th May.

Maybe they can meet and discuss what led to the bloody event in our history and give some thoughts on ways to prevent the same thing ever happen again in our history.

eddy said...

I think the intention of the 13 May rally is just to remind the Malays to be united and learn from past mistakes, Melayu mudah lupa lah Bro, just like Bro whackthembugger says they will not be attending with their parang panjang or anything like that. I believed there is nothing sinister or racist about the rally as what the Pakatan Politicians or the MCA President and his merry men wanted to potray it. Maybe GERTAK should change the theme “Malays Arise” to “Malays United”, I think Malaysians should not be unduly alarmed about this closed rally, really. Is it so bad now that the Malays cannot even have a rally to prep themselves up a bit without the minority having to interpret it as a racist action. However like you say Bro, the timing is just bad and was rightly postponed.

I hope they can find another date for the closed rally though, this is after all a democracy where everybody should be given the chance to speak majority and minority alike as long as it is not seditious. I am particularly interested to hear what Dr Mahathir has to say and I am sure he knows the boundaries and definitely he is not racist, his 22 years as PM is as testimony to that.

If people like Dr Chua the MCA President wants to see racism and divisive politics in all its shameless glory just have a listen to the current DAP campaigning in Sibu. I have not heard Dr Chua's comments on the tactics utilised by the DAP in Sibu thus far. I think some of the speakers like Kit Siang, Ngeh and even Nizar should be locked up under the ISA for saying the seditious things they said in Sibu.(Polis buat apa kat Sibu..shake legs just observing ka or collecting evidences?)

Anyway, talking about May 13, I think that it is important for us to remember the Black Day in our nation's history. In fact I think May 13 should be an official day dedicated to the remembrance of ALL the victims of the race riots and why we should make all effort to prevent a repeat of the horrible incident. All Malaysians must be reminded that if left unchecked ..

-extreme bigotry;
-extreme hypocrisy;
-excessive racism;
-unfettered feeling of one race superiority over the other;
-extreme provocation
-uneven wealth distribution

…...could bring this Blessed nation teetering on the brink of total anarchy and Civil War.

Even now we are hearing certain smart alec commentators pushing the agenda that if a particular race pays more income tax, then, they should be given due attention. Beside the fact that all citizens must pay income tax including you and me, it also shows that the distribution of wealth is still not even among the races and in future this would be a problem if not addressed properly and equitably.

Bro, All over the world people have official days for remembrance of the Holocaust, Hiroshima atomic Bombing, why people take the trouble to commemorate these horrible dates in history is because we must always be reminded and learn from history and make effort not to repeat the incidents otherwise we are doomed to repeat it. It is really time that we have a May 13 Remembrance Day or Hari Peringatan May 13. Recolouring May 13 is a noble idea but I think is just not enough.

Hantu Laut said...

Bro eddy,
Agree with you.Also agree Mahathir is not racist, he is more a nationalist who believe that Malaysia including the Malays can stand on the same platform as any developed countries of the world.

Unfortunately, he is the most misunderstood man and Malaysians have become unappreciative of his contributions.

As I have said in my post I have nothing against the rally if they find a suitable date even if it is a full Malay affairs.They can't use May 13 just for the Malays.

As you have said it could be used as rememberance day for all Malaysians to remember those who perished in the bloody race riot.

Using name like Gertak and Bangkit Melayu may not be that appropriate.The words have threatening function both by analogy and connotation.They could have used something more euphonic.

Sorry, to digress a little.

If you ask Lim Kit Siang whether he is Malaysian first and Chinese second he would say yes.That's for public consumption.

Do you believe him? I don't, because he is a dishonest politician and a liar who believes in his own lie.Believe me, among the Chinese he would be Chinese first and foremost and Malaysian a distant second.

Ask Anwar whether he likes or dislikes Jews.Depending where he is, his likes and dislikes is switchable.The APCO deal is telling of his character.Now, the Jews want his hide.

Ask Nizar of Perak which party he is from, he would say PAS.Ask him who his boss is, he would say I am the boss when he should have said DAP is the boss.It is a known fact he takes instructions from DAP, being majority in the assembly.

Hypocrite: the man who murdered both his parents... pleaded for mercy on the grounds that he was an orphan. ~Abraham Lincoln

Pakatan are full of them.

eddy said...

Thanks Bro, definitely Pakatan is full of bullshitters and shit stirrers, chief among them is the DAP long time Rajah Lim Kit Siang and his crown prince Lim Guan Eng. Apparently Nizar is PAS on the outside but on the inside he is so full of DAP bullshit.