Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sorry, Is A Word Never Said Wrong

Hantu Laut

It is sickening to find out the kind of lies those in higher authority are prepared to condone.

The IGP and Minister of Home Affairs have misaligned themselves by their hasty decisions to try protect those errant policemen and listened to their lies to try absolve themselves from the responsibility for the death of the innocent boy.The police should not get away with impunity.The IGP must show the people that no one is above the law including his policeman.

Malaysian Insider reported here a witness' version of events leading to the tragic shooting, Aminulrashid's friend who rode with him in the car but managed to escape after being assaulted by five policemen.He could have been dead as well.

The whole nation is watching and waiting for the next step Prime Minister Najib would take to satisfy public outcry over this gross dereliction of duty of both the IGP and the Home Minister.Their statements showed no concern for the feelings of the deceased family and public opinion. Such behaviour is ignominious.Both have poor people skills damaging Najib's efforts to endear the people to his administration.Arrogance,apathy and pomposity unfitting of a civil servant and a government minister.Least they forget, both are paid by taxpayer's money to protect the people not bully them when faced with a situation.

If Najib wants to survive the next general elections he must first arrest the deteriorating quality of his administration.Many of his ministers have exhausted their shelf-lives and unfit for the job.They are deadwood and still live in their fantasy land and think everything is hunky-dory without realising that every time they open their faulty mouths they made fools of themselves and foods for the oppositions and Najib losing his hair.

The BN and UMNO in particular is ubiquitously trapped in hierarchical politics. Promote its people to a level of incompetence.Many UMNO ministers have no people skills.They got all confused, where the cart and where the horse should be.They think the people owe it to them when it should be the other way round.Many can't work under pressure spoiled by over fifty years of nonchalant administration spoiled by the minimal opposition.Since March 2008 the political landscape has changed and with it the loss of their comfort zones.

It makes one wonder how people like Hisamuddin Onn, who has exceeded his effective scope, can rise to be given most crucial ministry where security of the nation and safety of the general public is placed in his hands.Peter Principal applied to him and a number of our ministers and civil servants including the former Home Minister who left his burning glass behind.

The IGP should not find justification and imputed righteousness in defending his men and retorted that the public did not show any appreciation to the police including for those killed in the line of duty.

Those are occupational hazards that came with that type of job and members of the public do sympathise.We gave our sympathy in silence. The IGP should not expect spontaneous public outcry every time a policeman got killed in the line of duty.

I have never met a nasty or rude policeman, those that I have encountered even at road blocks are pleasant and polite.Maybe, things are different in Sabah, where violent crimes may not be as high as in big city like Kuala Lumpur putting policemen under a lot of stress.Still, no reason for the IGP and minister to be on the defensive.

Najib should call for the resignation of both the IGP and Home Minister for mishandling of the case.

This is not the first time, there were many instances.The video below is the case of another victim Norizan, shot five times.Fortunately, with five bullets shot at her she survived.

Every life matters, no matter how small.Every parents, husband,wife,daughter and son suffered the loss of their loved ones.It's excruciatingly heart rending for those who has to face its reality.

I support the BN concept but I shall not be blinded.I don't and can't support this kind of behaviour.

Sorry, is a word never said wrong, which many of us have not learned to say when it's most needed.


dinturtle said...

Let truth prevails..

Anonymous said...

This is the best piece from u, Hantulaut. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

bro, first sorry my comment would be in malay language. Polis dilindungi oleh UMNO, since before. Banyak kes yang melibatkan polis, kes ditutup. Penjenayah dikalangan polis di lindungi oleh UMNO, sebagaimana ahli politik UMNO dilindungi polis. U cover me, i cover u. Kes tutup.

eddy said...

1. Bro, for what its worth I think the IGP spoke from the heart, it may not be completely true but many Malaysians are unappreciative of what the PDRM but I think the great majority are happy with the police. We are so secure that that there has been no instances of suicide bombing in Malaysia Bro, that is how good our PDRM really are.

Largely due to the Police Officers hard work and sacrifice and sometimes they make the ultimate sacrifice to the country, we Malaysians have taken the security and safety of our country for granted. Its a 24 hour job keeping the safety and security of this country and most Police officers in the front line work under constant threat to their very lives and criminals or would be criminals do not work on office hours basis nor do they ask whether they can use their weapons or not. So if the IGP speaks from the heart of the sacrifices of this men in blue I would empathise with him.

The Shah Alam fatal shooting of Aminulrasyid is tragic for one he was underaged when he died by a police officer bullet. However, we should be objective and not emotional in our demand for the truth, the deceased was under aged and does not carry a valid license and was being pursued by police cars at 2am in the morning before he was shot for failing to stop. It was early in the morning and the Police would have no way of knowing who the driver of the car they were pursuing. I am sure the police officers responsible for firing the shots were utterly shocked when they found out that the deceased was only a school boy, they have to live with this for the rest of their lives.

With respect to the police investigations into the incident, questions must also be asked whether there was parental control, why is the deceased still out of the house at 2am, who gave him permission to use his sister's car knowing that he does not have a valid driving licence. etc. So while I am not condoning the actions of either the deceased or the PDRM officers, I say we must have not only Justice for Allahyarham Aminulrasyid but Justice for Polis diRaja Malaysia also.

2. Your take on the Home Minister..I think he has over reached his level of incompetence. He had already reached his level of incompetence when he was Education Minister. Under the coming cabinet reshuffle, his cousin the Prime Minister should place him back to Minister of Sports where he could do less damage. He is certainly not made of sterner stuff like his father Tun Hussein Onn and lets not compare him to his Grandfather Dato'Onn Jaafar. Just hope that he do not have any funny ideas about becoming our next PM, he will be eaten alive for breakfast by the Opposition leaders, that's for sure.

kluangman said...

Dulu semasa tengok filem hindustan di panggung wayang, 3 hingga 4 jam baru habis. Di pertengahan jalan cerita, jarang sangat penonton keluar panggung. Semuanya sabar hingga ke penghujung(TAMMAT)walaupun di pertengahan jalan cerita banyak lagu dan lawak bodoh sebagai selingan untuk memanjang cerita.

Hari ini berbeza, rakyat cepat dilatahkan oleh ahli politik walaupun sesuatu kes belumn lagi tamat siasatan, belum lagi didakwa, belunm lagi dibicara..hakim hakim diluar dah jatuhkan hukuman.

Parianya rakyat Malaysia.

donplaypuks® said...

Even In mainland M'sia, the cops we meet in the streets and police stations are approachable, polite, helpful and seem duty conscious.

Yet all these deaths in police stations, shootout deaths etc., suggest that there are rogue elements within PDRM that need to be weeded out fast!

More than that, the IGP and others at the top echelon of PDRM have come out poorly in the defence of their men and there is a whiff of a cover up here! They seem to have forgotten who they should be protecting and serving!

The question everyone is really asking is should 15 year-old Aminul have died for his moment of madness or could the PDRM have handled it better!!

we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

whackthembugger said...

Indeed every life matters and in this case not only the dead boy, Amurulrashid but his friend, Azamuddin whose life is also but "dead"; he’s just a living dead not solely due the supposedly trauma (see legal and medical definition) he suffers but because the boy’s future has been manipulated and overblown by vested parties especially the Opposition. Definitely by entering blatantly into the fray, the Opposition has made the issue most politicized especially with their ridiculous demands for the IGP to resign, demand for royal commission, political lawyers offering their services etc.
In a politicized environment, what is the kind of justice best warranted to the community – to bring back Amirulrashid from the dead or to mitigate such further incidents? The two boys were not only at the wrong place and at the wrong time but they and their families behaviors to the incident were tainted with faults too. Why is the focus of the Opposition faulted at the Police and not the boys and their families? What if Azamuddin’s side of the story is faulty; has this juvenile been made to compromise his story just to protect the name of himself and his friend and or was it for just “a fistful of dollars” more? Should emphasis be focus on parental care for not letting their under-aged siblings at the "wrong place and time".
In the TBH case, I no longer have any pity or emotions for the deceased or his family because the Opposition has messed up the whole case with ulterior dark motives. Observing the recently concluded HS by-election, banners of TBH were brought up to raise racial sentiments and then rightfully brought down provides the best evidence of political dirt.

Its sad, so, so sad that the country has such selfish politicians making issues out off proportions as the expense of the dead and living in the most ugliest manner whist displaying irresponsibility and carelessness in the name of so-called justice.

Let’s be patient and let the investigation be completed.

Purple Haze said...

I agree with Eddy that members of the uniformed services have sacrificed much for the country. Also agree with donplaypuks that generally, the members of the police force are approachable but have some rogue elements inside.

The death of this 15 year old (and any child, for that matter) is tragic and the first thing the IGP should have done is, as HL has alluded to, say sorry.

The police does not have to admit to anything but at least show compassion.

It is also unfortunate that some people feel that it is politicised. The lawyers acting for the deceased family happen to be Opposition leaning but is it not because they have more experience taking on cases like these ? Does that mean that any lawyer taking up a case against govt institutions is labelled "opposition".

A family wants a perceived injustice to be put right. That's all.

eddy said...

Bro whackthembugger, I agree with you wholeheartedly, I think the opposition politicians should cease this madness of trying to politicize any incident involving the Government machinery. In the case of Karpal Singh questions are even being asked who is actually representing Allahyarham Aminul family. The TBH inquest has been turned into a god knows what mess with no ending in sight. I think Aminul's family would not get the justice they deserved if they insist on having lawyers who are politicians first to represent them. It will be all about trying to discredit and disparage the PDRM just like what is being done to the MACC in the TBH inquest.

Having said that, bro dpp comment pun ada masuk akal juga...maybe the Police needs a proper Public Relations division with Mass Communication qualification to handle statements for the media and the public. If they already have then it needs beefing up, if the PM can appoint a expensive PR firm to handle Malaysia's image why not have one for the PDRM as well and judging by the terse comments from the heart of the IGP..the PDRM is in sore need of one.