Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Special May 13 Message.

Hantu Laut

Today, is the eve of the bloodiest day in the history of our nation.One that we need not celebrate or be reminded in remembrance.

I really don't know how to express my shocking disbelief when I read this piece of very disturbing news.

Is Najib's government going to allow this day in infamy to be exploited to cause more racial polarisation that would make a mockery of his 1 Malaysia.It seems the people who say they support him is also the vary same people who sabotage his policies.

Why would the nation need a grim reminder of a bloody tragedy that should have stayed home in the history book.Do we need to be reminded of bad patch of our history by organising a rally that could turn explosively sectarian.

What exactly the organisers wish to achieve?

Is the siege mentality of certain group going to do any good to our pluralistic society that would add further injury to the already thin membranes between the races.A time bomb awaiting ignition?

We have every right to defend our rights but going on the streets to remind the people of the nation's bloody history is just not on........ nothing less than a form of intimidation.

The Prime Minister should not condone this kind of action and the police should not issue a permit and should go out and arrest those who broke the law.They should get the same treatment as the Bersih and Hindraf demonstrators.

Anas Zubedy has done what we all should do if we want this nation to move forward or do what we shouldn't do......... destroy ourselves and reduce this nation to a beggar's state.

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To the organisers of the rally, I have only one message.

Don't do it.

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SM said...

Bro HL,

I have "refrained" from commenting on your "political" articles for some time now. However, I never stopped reading them! As you would expect, I seriously disagreed with some of your articles & there were those that I agreed with.
However, when it comes to May 13th I think it's a "big" enough reason for me to break my silence!
No, I don't think that we should forget May 13th (as I've always been a firm believer that you should learn from history & as you know, the saying goes...he who does not learn from history is doomed to repeat it).
However, what these idiots are doing is WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! I really hope Najib does something (can he?) about this! He has a chance now to show us how strong his conviction on 1-Malaysia is. God bless Malaysia!

vinnan said...

Thank you HL,

You are a man of principle.

Hantu Laut said...

Bro SM,
Welcome back.We can agree and disagree, that's what life is all about.You can disagree or criticise what I wrote, rest be assured there is no hard feelings on my part.As a writer we must expect criticism,we can either ignore it or response in proper manner.

You know, it has always been my stand against demo in public places be it the oppositions or UMNO and the BN. I will not change my view just because I support the BN concept and condone what is against my principle.I'll stick to my principle, irrespective who the party is.

I am utterly shocked that a group of people have the cheek to call themselves Gertak, which means to scare or threaten, is organising a rally on May 13, a day of infamy for this nation.

There are other more auspicious days that they can do it, why picked May 13.

I agree we must learn from history but not the way they are doing it.That, to me is looking for trouble.

SM,more often than not, as you should know, I have been quite correct in my assessment and political predictions.