Thursday, May 27, 2010

Will North/South Korea Be The Next Combat Zone?

The US is again beating the war drum.

US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton failed to impress the Chinese to censure North Korea.

North Korea is dependent on China's patronage but there are enough crazies in Pyongyang who are prepared to forego the relationship should China change her stand.

With China not giving nod to US diplomatic attempt to get her to agree to more severe punishment for North Korea, full scale war is unlikely.

The North Koreans have serious homicidal tendencies.The 1983 Yangon bombing was a clear indication of how crazy these commies are.The assassination attempt on former President Chun Doo Hwan during his official visit to Myanmar spared him but killed 4 of his ministers and scores of South Korean officials.

AFP/Getty Images

South Korean soldiers stand Monday by loudspeakers near the DMZ separating the two Koreas.The South threatened to broadcast propaganda; the North gave its troops clearance to shoot at the speakers.

Without China's blessing any attempt by the US to use military force on North Korea is just too risky.The US can't afford a flare-up with China which can and will consume the whole region if it happened.

Sanctions have proven to be non-effective in bringing belligerent to the negotiating table.The UN Security Council should stop being bullied by the US to impose sanctions at their whim and fancy.Sanctions only make the ordinary people suffer, not the leaders.

Iraq and now Iran are examples of failure of sanctions to bring rogue states to the negotiating table. Both Iran and North Korea are now even more determine to build their weapon of mass destruction.

The US State Department is contemplating re listing North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism which would justify a prelude to war.

Big brother China is the restrainer.
War is unlikely, the conflict will be settled by small cross-border skirmishes.

Let see how many visitors and commentators I get today.If you think the average American are insular, try Malaysians initiatives to know the rest of the world.


Aiemanz said...

The possible is there... Since both Korea technically is in war. But, it just not possible to compare with the 50's horizon whereby north still gain full suport from soviet & PRC... Remember to chinese voluntary defense forces & 25th & 30th soviet air corps. Today with most ex-communist states are economically kneel-down to US, i don't think the north will place themselves in such huge gamble by first-on strike to south. The same goes to south & Us, just to realize the casualuties that they may suffer if war broke out. Remember the US policy that underlying 'the most minimum casualities' in conflict since after vietnam war...

I may hope the peace but by looking on the prodigy of fanatism of north, patrotism of south & strong influence of third parties (US & China), the risk is still in eyes-shutter.

North Korea Torpedo said...

You don't trust America, the country whose people cause havoc to the global economy which derail many people wealth by their barbaric system, trillions disappear into the thin air by their people doing who packaged toxic products and sold to unsuspecting clients by telling them they could profit from trading such assets while shorting them.

Who knows, maybe the Euro reversal of fortune is also the American doing, taking Greece as a scapegoat as China have recently diversify their reserves from US dollar to Euro, that is to punish China for not having confident in the dollars or they can't see China getting richer.

Lately they seem to be forging for better bilateral relations with China by the just concluded China-US. strategic and economic dialogue, on the other hand they are not willing to stop selling arms to Taiwan and still supporting Dalai Lama cause to split Tibet, they speak with forked tongue do not show any sincerity then why should China!...

Remember pre WW2, Japs have strong present at the Korea peninsular which they use as a stage to invaded China. Like wise the America currently have about 28,000 troops in South Korea and a strong base in Japan. Surely China is not comfortable with what is on the chess board, they are surrounded so to say with Taiwan at the South East and Tibet at the South West.

China supporting of North Korea is a strategic move to prevent the American from any free passage to China, in case the latter have any funny ideas, do not forget China invested with hundred thousand of their human resources during the Korean War to for that matter. As long as the American do not drop the Taiwan and Tibet obstacle, North Korea will always be China's pawn. No body want any enemy at their doorstep.

Purple Haze said...

North Korea is beholden to China. Hence, China's hesitation to further sanction N Korea is likely to embolden them.

However, if China retracts its unspoken "support" of North Korea, it will be the collapse of the DPR of Korea because Russia has already stepped back from providing aid and other resources over the past decade.

North Kprea Torpedo said...

BEIJING, May 28 (Xinhua) -- As a bilateral agreement, the Japan-U.S. Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security should not harm the interests of China and other third parities, said Foreign Ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu here Friday.
Ma made the remarks in response to a question about Japan's latest claim over the Diaoyu Islands in a news report.
According to the report, Japan said on Thursday the Diaoyu Islands were a part of Japan and the U.S. would be obligated according to the treaty to engage in military conflicts between China and Japan over the island should they occur.
Ma said China has indisputable sovereignty over the Diaoyu Island and adjacent islets, which have been an inalienable part of China's territory since ancient times.


There you are, the Japs again looking for troubles. It make sense that once in awhile The North Korea test fire one or two keep the Japs in check..


Why are you not displaying my earlier posting which I whack the Americans. Are they your paymaster?.....

North Korea Torpedo said...

Fitch cut Spain's credit rating by one notch, saying the country's economic recovery will be more muted than the government forecast due to its austerity measures, reignited worries about euro-zone debt issues capping the Euro recovery.

Why these American sponsor rating agency Fitch, Standard & Poor and Moody did not cut America credit rating when their financial system when to the dogs in 2008?....

But these rating agencies were very efficient in Greece and Spain issues especially one day after China put confident back to the Euro that they deny a Financial Time spin that China will sell down their Euro holding...

Probably those rating agencies proprietors heavily shorting the Euro or American interest to see a weak Euro....


What is your say about those manipulation....

Hantu Laut said...

North Korea Torpedo,
Sorry, unable to post your comment earlier as I was away in Australia and have no access to the Internet for the past few days.