Sunday, June 6, 2010

Joining The Communist Party Of Australia?

Hantu Laut

Anyone for joining a Communist Party? Well, I did, for about 20 minutes, not for the ideology but for the cause of the day.....the damning of Israel.

Since the Australian government was mealy-mouthed about the cold-blooded killing of innocent humanitarian activists on the Gaza's aid flotilla, the Communist Party of Australia has taken upon themselves to send the message that what Israel did was murder and should be severely condemned.

The peaceful protest and public rally was held this morning on Perth's busy Hay Street, a shopping and commercial center of the city. It was an incongruous mixture of the discontents, the want to be seen activists and over-zealous members and supporters of CPA.The disinterested and the unperturbed but curious anyway staying on the periphery.A group of policemen staying on the side just in case.

Some photos of the demonstration.

A friend once asked me how come the British banned the Communist Party in Malaysia but allowed Communist Party in Britain and Australia.Maybe, we all know the answer to that.

That's the true test of democracy.As long as they don't take up arm struggle they should not be a problem.That's how the British looked at it.Unfortunately, the CPM (Communist Party of Malaya) decided that intimidation, violence and killing are the answes to taking over a government. The CPA (Communist Party of Australia) is now 90 years old and has not made much progress.The Australians are happy with a government that takes care of its citizens from the cradle to the grave.


Wake UP! said...

We still have the communist party in Malaysia using another name.


Off to the International Criminal Court you Israelis terrorists.

vinnan said...

When a Mat becomes a fucking commie it is ok?

eddy said...

You had me wondering whether Australia's nice weather changed you there Bro...luckily false alarm.He,he..

The condemnation of the Zionist Israeli State massacre of the nine Turkish peace activists transcends religion, race, ideaology and nationality Bro.