Friday, June 4, 2010

The Palestinian Eternal Damnation

Hantu Laut

The saga of the deadly shooting of peace activists and humanitarian workers aboard the Gaza aid flotilla continues with new revelation from those who survived the attack and deported to their home countries.

It now appears that Israeli side of the story was a blatant lie to cover the humiliating fiasco.The shoot first talk later policy of Israeli military were the cause of their contemptible action.

Many of the activists accused the Israelis of having opened fire, shooting from the air without warning that eventually led to the melee on board the leading blockade-runner Mavi Marmara killing 10 activists and injuring scores more.

Australian photographer Kate Geraghty on board the Challenger One, one of the ships in the flotilla said she was shot with a Taser gun and had bruises,minor burns and nausea.She was told she was in a military combat zone? Many on board claimed there were still in international waters.

In spite of Geraghty telling the military that those rules should not apply to her as she is an accredited journalist on assignment she was arrested and eventually deported.One of her shocking revelation was the presence of Australian-Israeli soldiers in the attacking force.She said she couldn't believe it when she found out that three of the soldiers were Australians.Courtesy of a country that allow dual nationality.

The world is aghast with the horrifying blockade that have inhumanely reduced the whole Palestinian population as inmates, fenced in within their own country, deprived of basic life giving necessities such as building materials,food and medicine.

This is ethnic cleansing of the first order, slow and painful death from malnutrition and lack of life saving medicine.It's genocide in subtleness.

If the Western civilisation was horrified by Nazi's Germany holocaust of the Jews they have, in recent history, done absolutely nothing to stop ethnic cleansing and genocide in Bosnia,Rwanda, Cambodia and and now the Palestinians.

You can't wipe out a race of people completely but you can reduce the numbers quickly or slowly, over time.The Red Indians of America and the Aborigines of Australia learned that if you can't be wiped out completely they can reduce your numbers.

There were 682 people from 42 countries on the flotilla which included political leaders,noble laureate, peace activists and journalists who were disgusted with the apathetic Western powers. Their double standard and reluctance to use political pressure or military intervention to demand Israel to lift the blockade is clearly a grand design to keep the balance of power in the Middle East constantly in their favour. They can impose sanctions on countries like Iran and North Korea and destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan for the flimsiest of reason but protect the 'Butcher of the Middle East' like a gem.

After the 1973 Arab-Israeli War the Western powers have concluded that the Arab countries are unreliable and dangerous if too much are left in their hands.The oil embargo was a lesson learned.The oil fields would become deadly weapons for the Arabs to use against the West if there were no strong ally in the region to checkmate the Arabs.

Israel, creation of the Western powers after the Second World War and Islam's decreed enemy is the sole and most suitable candidate for the job.After the 1973 war no Arab countries have dared to take on Israel.Iraq's Sadam Hussein, the only likely threat had been eliminated.

Britain,China,France and Russia, four of the five veto-wielding UN Security Council members have only meekly condemned Israel's deadly debacle.The US, the big veto power, as usual making its irony statement to think that the rest of the world is stupid not to know the smokescreen.

No amount of activism can help the Palestinian people without involvement of the big powers.It all will come to naught.

As long as the West's double standard and apathy continue to exist the Palestinians are doomed to eternal damnation.

(I feel strongly about the Palestinian issue, have been writing about it and will be writing about it, from time to time)

Posted in Perth,Australia

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Kenn said...

What the Israelis did was beyond the international law.

What exactly did Hitler see in Jews back then?