Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sungei Orchard

Hantu Laut

Ask any Singaporean would they imagine flooding at Orchard Road before the mighty rainfall submerged Singapore's most famous street yesterday.

I lived in Singapore for 10 years at Cairnhill Road, a stone throw away from Orchard Road and I would have sworn to anyone who asked me that Orchard Road would never flood.The only place that I can remember get flooded after torrential rain coupled by high tide was along Bukit Timah Road.Otherwise, most parts of Singapore are high and dry.

Adjacent areas, Scotts Road, Cairn Hill Road, Cairnhill Circus and Mt Elizabeth must have been spared being on higher ground.

Most efficient and capable Singapore got caught out by "act of God"

As they say "God's mill grind slow but sure" and "man proposes, God disposes"

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Will heads at PUB roll for this most unexpected natural disaster.

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eddy said...

I never thought that flooding will occur in Orchard Road in my lifetime Bro. Underground parking full of cars filled with water... very unfortunate day for many.

Could it be due to Global Warming or just bad luck of very heavy rain plus unusually long high tide duration so the water have no way to flow down and out.