Friday, June 25, 2010

Was Kevin Rudd Rat-Fucked ?

Hantu Laut

Just two weeks ago, while in Australia, I wrote about whether Kevin Rudd is in the rut.Would he loses his job?

Just two days ago Rudd fell victim, not to the electoral process, but rat fucked by his own deputy.As they say "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" or in this case a deputy scorned.

His deputy, Julia Gilard engineered a midnight coup against him in a leadership tussle of the party.Rudd initially says he would defend his position but later changed his mind.The general consensus is that in view of his declining popularity, his government falling short of expectations and contentious issues with his government he would lose the contests as party members would rebel against him to save the party.

Her source of anger was Kevin Rudd's seemingly contemptuous act of sending out feelers to test her loyalty.Whether she if fair dinkum?

Rudd is well known for his short on the fuse, distrust of those near him and a ruddy human relation problems with colleagues and subordinates.

One of Rudd's big problems is his loggerhead with mining bosses on the super tax for the mining industry which has also exposed his other administrative weaknesses.His poor human relations with colleagues and subordinates has finally pulled the rug from under his feet.

Rudd was not a victim of diminishing popularity with the masses.He is a victim of the rich and powerful mining lobby.The mining companies $100 million advertising war chest has done serious damage to his reputation.

The companies took up television,internet and full-page newspaper ads attacking Rudd' government.One ads punctuates that the super tax “Weaken mining, you weaken the country. But that’s exactly what the government’s new super tax is doing,”

Julia Gilard says she is throwing open the government's doors to the mining industry.That could mean compromise or total withdrawal of the tax.

Was Kevin Rudd "rat-fucked" by his deputy?

What an ebb of tide, a man popular six months ago suddenly died of political back-stabbing.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't his real name Rudnitski? American commie Mark Rudd's Jew name was. Trouble makers.