Thursday, July 22, 2010

The 10 Most Hated Airports In The World

Hantu Laut

Some airports are nightmarish to travellers. Overcrowded, long queues, inefficient, dysfunctional and it just make you sick.

I have had fair share of being trapped at such airport when flights are delayed and tempers flare.There is nothing worst than being caught unprepared.

I used to like London Heathrow before it gets too big and too crowded.Los Angeles LAX from 25 years ago when I first landed there has given me an indelible impression as being one of the worst airports in the world, even then. Chicago O'Hara, the scariest airport. Next time you are there look out of the window when your plane taxing to take-off, you are likely to see long queue of planes behind yours stretching to infinity.Only one word can describe it 'scary'.You don't know when they are going to whack each other. Changi remains my favourite airport. KLIA, not to bad but need some tweaking for improvement.KLCC, overcrowded, hot and humid,food outlets always packed, lousy food and at times get very unpleasant.You hate to be there if not for the cheap fare and flight frequency.

KKIA,not too bad, not exactly my favourite, it's the one that I always come home to.

There are many more bad airports.Let the article below tell you more of the worst airports in the world.

It is one man's meat another man's poison.Some may agree and some may disagree with the findings.

The 10 Most Hated Airports In The World

Airports might be our gateways to travel, adventure and a little extra sunshine, but some of them, especially the bigger hubs, have been getting bogged down by the increased traffic and convoluted patchwork of add-on terminals that are supposed to be handling the growth. And these hubs seem increasingly unavoidable. We've got concourses that feel longer than than some of the runways, check-in and security lines that make you wonder if you'll start to decompose before you reach the plane, gate-changes that feel like a twisted game of musical chairs, and delays to take-off, land and even find a parking spot. According to more than 2000 participants from over 80 countries who took the "World's Worst Travel Survey," here's the ranked list of top offenders. For more travel "worsts," check out the Titanic Awards.

These ten airports are statistically the worst, there are certainly many others. Send us your picks of mayhem at airports!Continue reading.

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