Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mr Big Spender "Buy Enron" Stock Pick Disaster

Hantu Laut

If you have listened to the kid in the year 2000 and invested heavily in his stock pick you would have lost your pants and probably committed harakiri.It would not just be diminution of your investment with probable recovery in the future, it would be total loss and your scrip as good as the toilet paper.

This globe trotting playboy/financier to many big international companies who appeared from nowhere but the woodwork has become instant celebrity not for his brains but his prodigal spending habit.As an investment and financial analyst he certainly is not top notch.As a playboy, I am not sure, whether he screws any of the Hollywood stars and starlets or just waste his money to be seen with them.Well, it is not too difficult to convince a dumb blonde as long as you pay.

Is he really the financial whiz-kid that his promoters claimed him to be? If so, why hasn't he appeared in the media as an accomplished international financial/investment adviser working with top notch investment company?

Read Teak Jho Lo's stock pick in June 2000 while still as undergraduate student at Wharton and guess which company he picked?

Stock Picks

Enron boasts top growth

Taek Jho Low, WH '04

Issue date: 11/6/00 Section: Undergraduate

Traditionally considered a natural gas pipeline company, Enron’s core business is now the management of price risk in fast-growing and deregulating commodity markets. The risk merchant franchise accounts for 75 percent of operating income and is growing at a 30 percent–40 percent annual rate. The company has the No. 1 market share in the relatively mature $80 billion U.S. natural gas market, is No. 1 in the $235 billion U.S. electricity market, opened in 1996 and rapidly growing. And it is a leader in related energy commodities, such as coal, pollution emissions, and weather hedges. Enron also has first-mover advantage in the $270 billion European market, opened in February 1999, where it is already profitable and has seen volume grow tenfold. Enron grows by expanding into new geographies and new commodities. It also successfully uses new tools; for example, I expect Enron will solidify its market position using the Internet.

Deregulation of commodity markets creates price volatility, which must be managed. Enron has successfully done this in gas and now power on a global basis. Seventy-five percent of the growth opportunity is ahead of Enron — in energy alone, an $800 billion global market opportunity.

The value of the bandwidth commodity market will be determined in 2000/2001. The ultimate potential of this market, with significantly greater “top-line” growth than energy, could exceed the energy commodity market by 2005. Enron is a leader targeting the bandwidth commodity opportunity.

Enron is also a first mover into new commodities and geographies with its risk merchant strategy. As a result, it earns the highest margins, about three times those of its nearest competitor.

My 12-month price target of $100 projects an energy franchise value of $60 per share, coupled with $40 in share value for bandwidth.

Enron is not without its risks. Whether ENE is a $60 or a $100 stock in 12 months depends, in my view, on the successful commercialization of the bandwidth commodity market. Technological and standardization issues increase the risks that this newest commodity market will not successfully develop.

Source:Wharton Journal

A year later the Enron's scandal exploded.

Creative and crooked accounting using inflated revenues, inflated assets and a spruced-up balance sheet cheated investors into believeing they are investing in the greatest blue chip ever.Enron declared bankruptcy in 2001.It shares which peaked at $90 went to zero.

Enron has become history and Teak Jho Lo has become Mr Big Spender.

Mr Big Spender must have been only 17 or 18 years old then.

A true child prodigy or a stupid front man?

Would not the Pejabat Hasil Dalam Negeri, the FBI, the CIA be interested where his money came from?


Anonymous said...

'Would not the Pejabat Hasil Dalam Negeri, the FBI, the CIA be interested where his money came from?'
Not when you are on the other side of the fence with those in power.
Pak Tua

Anonymous said...

More reasons for supporters of UMNO to dump the party into the drain, not because of the party, but because of its President and the Many of the President's Men.

flyer168 said...


The Global Shadow Masters are controlling Bolehland's high and mighty of society among their number...

Royalties, top politicians, government officials, bankers, business leaders, policemen, lawyers, judges, doctors, coroners, publishers, editors and journalists including their family/children as well...(by the "Orbs/Juglars")

Their networks place their people in the major positions of power in all the areas they need to control to prevent proper investigation or to ensure that any high-profile case that does get to court always fails...

Compared to Bolehland's Elites & Powers that be...

These "Global Con-Sultans" do make "Big" things "Happen" Globally & in Bolehland with our Tax $$$...

International Con-Sultans....

Some of Bolehland's Corporate Chairmen & CEOs are in their pockets...Sime Darby, Felda, IDR, Defence, Think Tank Groups, etc, etc, etc???

They just do some numbers crunching, "Create Niche Deals" for their Global Elite Masters ("to do its biddings.")...

As "International Advisers" to their "Assigned Targeted Victim Nations, Head of States, Presidents, PMs, Corporate CEOs, etc, Locks the Deal, get their "cut" and move on to their next assignment/s...

Just about "Anything they need to attain their Master's biddings" can be organised & paid for/reimbursed by their "Masters"...

Wine, Women, Parties, Travel/Cruise with Executive Jets/Helicopters/Cruise ships (leasing/renting mah!), etc, etc including Political Restructuring if necessary...for Billion Dollar Deals...

Just like any Global Corporate CEOs doing their job on Company's Service...!

So "No Worries Mate!"...

Yes, we are the suckers, so please wake up & get out of our Bolehland mindset to see the bigger picture!

You be the judge.


flyer168 said...

Just to share this...

The Intellect is the Prison of the Mind
Posted on March 3, 2008 by Boulderdash - http://salonesoterica.wordpress.com/2008/03/03/daivd-icke-the-intellect-is-the-prison-of-the-mind/

Hello all …

I spoke at Oxford University this week, or more accurately the Oxford Union, a debating society founded in 1823 and both the breeding ground and stage for many leading politicians of the last 185 years...

Five British Prime Ministers have been officers of the Union – Gladstone, Lord Salisbury, Herbert Asquith, Harold Macmillan and Edward Heath – and a long list of government ministers and other politicians, including Benazir Bhutto, the assassinated former Prime Minister of Pakistan, who was the Union President in 1977…

It doesn’t matter if they believe in the stance they have been drawn to take.

Their job is to passionately ‘sell’ their often manufactured beliefs and I was amazed at how well they do it.

So, of course, this creates a wonderful training programme for would-be politicians who then go off to Parliament to lie, mislead and speak in favour of things they don’t even support…

How come? Intellect, that’s how come.

If you look around you at what we call ‘society’, it has been created by intellect. Not heart, not higher consciousness – intellect.

The education system worships the intellect and seeks out through examinations the sharpest intellects to run the institutions of government, finance, business, science, education, media and military in the next generation. This is where Oxford University comes in.

Oxford, and its fellow-traveller at Cambridge, are the ancient universities where those with the best examination passes from mostly the ‘best’ schools are sent to be "indoctrinated to see the world the way the "system" decrees for its "future system-servers."

There they mix with the students who have made it to Oxford and Cambridge because of elite family influence and the financially-exclusive private school network.

It is much the same in the United States with the Ivy League Universities like Harvard and Yale where entry is virtually guaranteed if you come from the ‘right’ family. Yale University even looks like its inspiration, Oxford and Cambridge.

So at these ‘centres of learning’ like Yale, Oxford and Cambridge you have the coming together of those considered by exam passes to be the most "intellectually sharp" and those who are there "because of who their father, mother or grandparents are" – Boy George Bush being a classic example at Yale.

Thus, we have the children of the families who control the system sharing the same ‘educational’ and perception-programming as those who will run the system on their behalf in the next generation. So it has been for centuries...

OXFORD UNIVERSITY - http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/esp_icke06.htm

Now I hope you can see what KJ, K. Abdullah, etc, etc, etc are & how they operate only "Intellectually" ...ending up only as Pemuda Chief period & with the Scomi Disaster...

But not as "Sharp" as Jo Low who is able to make many Global & Malaysian US Billion Dollar Deals with their "Targeted Pawns" in Bolehland...very silently & successfully at our nation's & citizen's expense.

Yes, we are the suckers, so please wake up & get out of the Bolehland mindset to see the bigger picture!

You be the judge.


eddy said...

Anon 11:49am, such convoluted reasoning..the right thing to do is to dump the President and his merry men lah not the Party ma. The process has already started.

Purple Haze said...

More recent Jho Low endeavours can be found here http://anilnetto.com/accountability/paris-hilton-and-our-favourite-millionaire/#more-21911