Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mr Big Spender's Duel in "Who Is Richer", Spending Other People's Money

Hantu Laut

The heat is on who could spend more on downing bottles of Cristal champagne in one night of orgasmic drinking spree in the slimy world of the filthy rich and famous.

Now, our Mr Big Spender has roped in his brother to help spend the money he couldn't spend fast enough, rumoured to be courtesy of the royal household of the Al-Nahyan family of Abu Dhabi whose sons went to the same university as Mr Big Spender.His other mates at Wharton was rumoured to be Najib's son.

Is he the front man and Mr Fixer for his rich friends? That may soon change when his very rich friends decide to trade places with him.See the movie "Trading Places" starring Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy and you would get my drift.

Zhen Low, the younger brother of Mr Big Spender Jho Low was involved in a competition with Winston Fisher, a New York property developer to see who could order more bottles of Cristal champagne.They two tycoons spent a staggering 1.8 million pound sterling in one night display of exhibited wealth.

Cherubic Jho Low and Winston Fisher were having a whale of a time pouring their money down the gutter to impress the girls.Paris Hilton former boyfriend Doug Reinhart who happened to be in town gave up after spending on 4 gigantic bottles, no match for our new free spending Malaysian billionaire.

Scene at the Les Caves du Roy nightclub in St Tropez.

The princes ?

Even Joan Collins who came to town felt poor and humbled by our "Maggie Mee" billionaire.

More images here.


Pak Zawi said...

Some people are just lucky. Just hope that his other classmate from Malaysia don't join the fray lest our people's money may follow the same fate if it hasn't gone that way yet.

eddy said...

Maybe this is the Equality and Freedom that so many dreamt about in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

That show more Chinese richguy then Malay, this guy spent their money like nothing to lose, why.. 1st, it show that Chinese an concur the mat salleh girl with money, so money can buy mat saleh girl, ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Dear Eddy,

Hey joker!
The fella is your own Frankenstein la. Tell that to Najib to keep his men in line. It's getting embarassing to see these in tabloids everywhere...

~ UnSupporter of Eddy Inconsistencies

Purple Haze said...

The amount of money allegedly spent is just vile !

eddy said...

Unsupporter whatever,

You embarrassed ka, you should be proud of Jho Low ma he epitomises your dreams and hopes kan.

SM said...


Spending other people's Money? Yup...that's the BN's way! Spending the Malaysian Tax Payers' Money!

Anonymous said...

Dear Eddy,

No wonder you are an old, bitter man just waiting out his time...

Your race baiting doesn't work on me la.

We East Malaysians have various family links to Melanau, Iban, Chinese etc. At least before you passed on, try to shed your race-tinted eyes!

So, your grandkids can live the multi-racial society Malaysia used to have in Tunku's time.

~ UnSupporter of Eddy Inconsistencies

eddy said...

Bro HL

1.BN is the ruling Federal Government kan, so how on earth could it rule and bring development to the country without taxpayer's and other taxes money.

2.Read the Star also Bro about Jho Low, he admits that "His Arab childhood friends and investors are actually the spenders, not him". I would believe him, I worked among them once upon a time, some liberal Arabs with money can be unusually generous when it comes to entertainments.


Jessica said...

Geez! That Jho Low looks so ... yucky (Lord, forgive me!), and look at the good-times girls lording it over him.. money and lots of it does blind some women's eyes.

If he continues like that, he will need a liver transplant before 40.. and may also need burr holes in his fatty brain... to release the foul gas.

Hantu Laut said...

That's what I have said all along, he is helping his Arabs friend to act as the front man.Chinamen don't blow their money like that.

Why you think that kind of sinful extravagance? It's oil money , mate.Easy come easy go and the sad thing is every time something like this come up, it would always be some filthy rich from a Muslim country.

Sedekahlah kapada orang miskin kan lebih berpahala.Read my latest scoop on it.

Purple Haze said...


While Mr Low's Arab friends might be bankrolling him, I certainly don't see them partaking in the fun in the pics that you have posted.

In my dealings with Arabs & their money, they certainly are not going to be blowing 2 million pounds on Cristal champagne and not get some action out of it. I agree with Eddy that some of the Arabs can be generous when it comes to entertainment but from my experience, they are also part of the "entourage".

Maybe they (the Arab friends of Jho Low) paid the paparazzi NOT to take their picture ?