Friday, October 15, 2010

Are They Unionists Or Politicians?

Hantu Laut

I am all for minimum wage and have , in the past, written on the urgent need for the government to implement it.

For many years Malaysians workers have been exploited by employers including GLCs who racked in million of profit but gave two hoots about the welfare of workers.It was also the cause of low productivity in the country.You get what you pay.

With the government recent announcement, naturally, the unionists should be happy and the bosses unhappy.

Well, read these statements made by some union leaders on the government proposal to introduce minimum wage. Some, just too smart for their own good.The cryptologists. Reading between the lines.Making foolish statements all for the sake of publicity.

Are they really union leaders or opposition politicians?

I believe the Prime Minister is sincere but, as usual, monkeyed unionist backed by no thank you oppositions were quick to make political capital out of it. They speculate in all kinds of assumptions and premonitions to seek cheap publicity.

“I hope that this is not a political agenda for their own end. The credit should not go to BN but the workers and especially the MTUC who has been struggling for minimum wage. Don’t politicise this issue, it is their responsibility,” said Sivanandan.

Come on! Mr Sivanandan, who should take the credit, YOU? MTUC?

You all are just a bunch of useless big talkers.If you can't get the government to agree with your proposal for donkey's years what that makes you?

All government has political agenda to keep themselves in office, if they don't, than they must be stupid.

Unlike the unions, all talk but no action.

Who is seeking publicity here the idiotic unionists or the government?

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whackthembugger said...

They are true hypocrites, that's all, up to make mischief as per their forefathers. They fend only for themselves under the pretext of social justice mane sake and false ego.