Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Homeless Zaid And 'Lord Of The Rings'

Hantu Laut

The falling out of Zaid Ibrahim in PKR's recent political turmoil relating to the party elections has Anwar's name written all over the wall.Azmin Ali would be helpless without Anwar's cohesive support and his indifference on the elections malpractices.

This story is all about Anwar, his mesmerisation of the people and his stranglehold over the party.

Whenever things go wrong in PKR, strangely enough, UMNO gets the bashing.Some have branded PKR same as UMNO.

Frankly, PKR is many times worse than UMNO.It's void of democracy, single screw and appears to have no viable direction or rather it has only one fixed direction , like the magnetic compass, pointing to a fixed pole...toward Anwar Ibrahim and his dream of a journey to Putrajaya, which, unfortunately, looking more and more like the receding horizon.

UMNO, albeit, for all the wrong things it has been accused of is still a party for the masses.It makes no pretences that it has one and only political objective, to protect bumiputra rights, come what may, but is prepared to share political power and fair treatment of the other races.

Leaders have come and go over the many decades of its existence. Even the branded pukka dictator Tun Mahathir Mohammad was willing to handover the baton to his deputy, who, unfortunately, was the cause of today's political upheaval rising out of his flip-flop policies.

What does PKR stands for?

All this while it was all for Anwar.It is all for Anwar becoming the prime minister.It is all for saving Anwar from his sodomy trail.Obviously, it is a party for Anwar, his family and cronies that look after the interests of only one man, Anwar.Any one who dares questioned his leadership would be ridiculed and ostracised.

Back biting, back stabbing, mud slinging and anything under the lexicon of evils would be used to protect the Ibrahims and his cronies.The same lexicon of evils is used perpetrating the leaders in government.Though, some are true, most are architected to malign certain leaders to bring down the government so that Anwar can be prime minister. His failed Sept 16 coup was example of how far he would go to get his trophy.

Over the years the party had seen many fatalities of those closed to Anwar.Those infatuated with him and his style would soon find out to their own detriment what Anwar is made of......his insatiable appetite for absolute power and blind royalty that he expects from his supporters has brought perils to those who stepped out of line.

The first, very closed to him, was his former deputy Chandra Muzaffar. The list of fallen angels is too long to mentioned. By now Zaid should know that he would not be getting any support from PKR members if he stays on.

Anwar does not believe in consensus.He believes in absolute power and totalitarianism where he alone will make all major decisions.His excellent oratory skill draws people to him.He would make excellent dictator.Even as de facto leader he makes most major decisions not only in PKR but extended to the coalition.

His sugar-coated demogaguery even manage to captivate the West into believeing that he is being persecuted, the West demanding Najib to immediately stop his prosecution of sodomy without considering that there is rule of law in this country.The West double-standard is obvious when they asked Najib to interfere with the judiciary to save Anwar who has accused the same judiciary of being rotten to the core.It seems alright to interfere with justice when it comes to Anwar Ibrahim.

When he was in UMNO and was deputy prime minister it was rumoured that all his supporters particularly from the Youth wing headed by Ahmad Zahid Hamidi then have to wear talisman rings to identify his supporters from those not with him, that, in his case, was how he separates the wheat from the chuff.By then he was already very influential and had enough supporters to demand for Mahathir to step down and hand over the helm to him.As we all know the rest is history.He underestimated Mahathir's shrewdness and capability to hit back with a deadly blow.

He accused the leaders in government and those in UMNO of corruptions and peddle his new found moral upstanding of wanting to make this nation corruption free and bring about a just society is hard to swallow when he has in the past allowed cronies and families to be given contracts and public listed shares while he was the Minister of Finance.

Anwar's father and his two brothers are shown to have received shares allocated by the government.His father Datuk Ibrahim Abdul Rahman and his brothers, Farizan and Marzukhi were given shares amounting to 7.1 million.His father owned 250,000 shares in Pengkalen Holdings Bhd and 3,790,500 of Nissan Industrial Oxygen Incorporated.Farizon owned 250,000 shares in Pengkalen Holding Bhd and Marzukhi owned 2.8 million shares in Penas Corporation. He has also rewarded his cronies with shares and contracts.

The point is why would someone who has the same dark feather be calling the kettle black?Even among thieves there is honour, they wouldn't call each other thieves. As much as I don't condone corruption, I find hypocrisy even more appalling.

So far my predictions about Anwar and PKR has not gone off track yet (see previous posts in my archives) and I strongly believe PKR and Anwar will screw up Pakatan chance of taking Putrajaya.

DAP will come out the strongest among the three.PAS will lose some of its seat to UMNO.

Fast track back to when Anwar was still in UMNO and was deputy prime minister then, two years before he was sacked by Mahathir, I can't exactly remember what was the occasion, where I told my uncle who was close to some Federal leaders at that time that " Anwar will never be prime minister" and he replied "that is a very strong word".

That was 1996 and Anwar was already "Lord of The Rings" secretly working to promote himself to take over from Mahathir.

Zaid's call for Anwar and Azmin to give up the leadership is absurd. He is making a laughing stock of himself.If he does not leave PKR and form his own party, no other party would accept him.He has burned all bridges.

He would become a homeless politician.


LibangLibu said...

'his deputy, who, unfortunately, was the cause of today's political upheaval rising out of his flip-flop policies.'

WTF? WTH u think u r?

Hantu Laut said...


I don't have to mention his name.There is only one deputy who succeeded Mahathir and if you are Malaysian you should know who.

Some of my articles are only meant for local consumption.I'll be more detailed when I cover a wider audience.

eddy said...

Excellent piece Bro.

The PKR is sinking and rudderless, the President has singlehandedly reduced the constitutionally powerful post to that of a mariotti puppet.

For PKR to be saved not just Anwar and Azmin got to go, so should Wan Azizah for her shameful enforced silence while PKR burn.

I wonder what Chua Jui Meng is thinking right now. Maybe he is thinking "Oh My God what have I done!"

Asril Sani said...

Zaid can join the bag ladies in New York.
As for the losers Anwar and Crown prince Azmin, they can stew in their own juices.
Malays dont really care for Keadilan in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Flashing back circa 92-93, listening to Anwar's speeches with all the jargons to impress the world's economist, I can tell he's a fake. Coz I don't think he understand what he was saying. Never really trust that guy

Purple Haze said...

Interestingly, Anwar, Azmin and to a small extent, Zaid, were all once in UMNO.

eddy said...

Bro Purple what is your point? come on let's have it. I am all ears.

Asril Sani said...

Purple Haze

They are all UMNO rejects.
So don't you ever,ever compare them to other UMNO leaders and members.