Sunday, November 28, 2010

There Is No Clean Town In Sabah, Stupid !

Hantu Laut

Typical bumiputra denial syndrome.

Minister of Tourism Culture and Environment Masidi Manjun recent remark that Semporna is the dirtiest town in Sabah has stirred the hornet's nest with tongue-lashing responses from the local assemblyman and other Sempornians.

Sulabayan assemblyman Harman Mohammad insisted that Semporna is not the dirtiest town.As a matter of fact, he said the town has won two awards in 2007 and 2008 for being the second cleanest town and for good administration.

That must be a bloody joke and those who gave the award must either have blinkers on or just used to sight of squalor and can't differentiate what is cleanliness.

There is no clean town in Sabah per se.How can there be the cleanest or second cleanest.All Sabah towns are bloody dirty including Kundasang where Masidi Manjun came from which is close proximity to World Heritage Kinabalu National Park. It could have been a mini Swiss Alps instead of a shit hole.Obviously, when your eyes are used to looking at filth, filth is not dirty.

Masidi is right Semporna is dirty, Kundasang is dirtier.Wherever, the town council is run by aborigines they are the same......all are dirty.

Go to smaller towns like Kota Belud, Tuaran,Keningau, they are bloody disgrace.District Officers who usually head the local councils are absolutely lazy and couldn't care less.How much does it takes the will to clean up such small towns.

Neither is Kota Kinabalu clean, there are pockets of dirty areas all over the place.Sembulan, smack in the middle of the city, takes the trophy for being the dirtiest .It is one huge sewer and a big eyesore.

Kota Kinabalu seriously needs an extensive urban renewal scheme.Hopefully, the next mayor would be an innovator of constructive urban renewal and not constructor of billboards.

Sembulan, the hovel of KK

The Datu Bandar shouldn't be too happy when some idiots say KK is clean. I am sorry, by my standard, it is not clean.Slightly better than the previous Datu Bandar but not good enough.

Try the Water Front when the tide is out.The tourists really love the smell of our shit and the flotsam and jetsam in the waters.

The city roads are dangerous to drive on at night.Poor street lighting and absence or faded white line on major roads make driving at night and rainy days utterly dangerous.

Road markers should be consistently clear to motorists but in Sabah you have to drive with your instinct especially at night and rainy days or end up hitting the kerb that would send your car flying off the road.It becomes even more dangerous when it rains at night.

Why is it that every time our politicians talked about cleanliness they always think of the tourists.

To hell with the tourists, what about us Sabahans, the taxpayers, the ratepayers, don't you think we deserved much more than the tourists.

What are all these idiots shouting about.Every town in Sabah is a shit hole.Non can pass any standard of cleanliness.

Until they can learn how to clean their backsides there will be no clean town in Sabah.

Stop bickering you bunch of assholes and start cleaning your backsides first.


Are You Gonna Go My Way said...

i feel your pain...i really do. Cleaning will cost a lot of money but billboard will bring in a lot of where the money goes..

Del Glamiva said...

I agree with you where KK's not a clean town- yet. Hopefully. I still feel the cleanliness isn't so good here, with the back alleys of shops smelling like fishes or worst, stairs that some smell like pee.

Anonymous said...





SM said...

Bro HL,

I visited KK for the first time earlier this year. I liked it very much & will definatley go back for a holiday next year. Yes, you are right, it can do with a clean-up.
However, since Sanahans are not too overly concerned with their dirty towns, I guess nothing is going to change bah!

SM said...

Bro HL,

Don't forget that you guys will soon get a spanking new "Coal Plant" built in Sabah courtesy of our PM!
Or are we still blaming the Opposition for this one too?

Faz said...

Nice one!