Saturday, December 4, 2010

His Holiness The Dala Lama And Anwar Ibrahim,What Do They Have In Common?

Hantu Laut

Only prophets are 'Gifts From God'. Is Wan Azizah trying to place her husband in the same category as prophets.

He, maybe, a gift to some men and women but certainly not a gift to all Malaysians. If there is anything more he is just a political nuisance.

There are only two leaders of recent times that I can think of who are truly prisoners of conscience and prisoners of tyrannical regimes, Nelson Mandela and Aung Sun Suu Kyi.These are leaders who would rather suffer mental anguish and physical incarceration in their fights for the rights and freedom of their people.They make personal sacrifices to bring freedom and dignity to the downtrodden.

Mandela succeeded to break apartheid and gained political power for his people after serving 27 wrongful years in prison for his wronged political convictions. I believe Suu Kyi will one day also succeed to bring back democracy to free Myanmar from the evil clutches of the military junta.

Do we have tyrannical government running this country? Is Malaysia in such bad shape that we need this "Gift From God" to save us?

What is Anwar fighting for?

Anwar is fighting for himself, he is fighting for vengeance, he is fighting for power and he is fighting for personal glory.How could he be in the same league as Mandela and Suu Kyi.He flys around the world lobbying for support from foreign leaders, stays in the best hotel and eats in fine restaurants.He is in same league as the Dalai Lama, who is the world's biggest con man.

What sacrifices has His Holiness The Dalai Lama made to save him people and country.He lives in exile and lives in the lap of luxury, conned Western governments to support his so-called cause celebre but failed miserably to help his people.

His eats and sleeps with the CIA, who gave him money to finance his lifestyle and his debunked resistance movement.He has successfully gained Western sympathy for his bullshit cause and has been awarded numerous awards including the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize.I am not sold on this man purest intention.

Is Anwar a messenger of peace or a political warlord who can't wait to be prime minister?

Gift from God??? Please lah!

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