Saturday, December 18, 2010

Keeping Assange For Uncle Sam ?

Hantu Laut

Julian Assange has been released on bail.His hearing for extradition to Sweden on highly suspicious rape charges would takes months if not years.Since when having sex without using a condom becomes a crime.Was it a setup?

The question is was Sweden really interested in him or was it infuriated Uncle Sam that wanted him badly?

Assange's Wikileaks has communicated to the entire world some very unflattering and embarrassing documents that cried out loud and clear the arrogance and condescending ways of the U.S. administration and its atrocious and boggy foreign policy.

Uncle Sam looked at the rest of the world with disdain, particularly less developed countries.

Already dozens of U.S. lawmakers were screaming for his blood some asking him to be charged under the Espionage Act.This act provides for capital punishment and hefty jail term on those found guilty.Some have called for his assassination.

The irony is, in spite of the U.S. having Freedom of Information Act that allow full or partial disclosure of unreleased information and documents controlled by the government it can simply chose any document including non-sensitive but embarrassing information as classified items.

Are some of its communiques between its embassies and the State Department that portrayed world leaders in a bad light justified being classified information or were they kept classified to avoid embarrassment?

The world is watching how Britain handles the extradition.The U.S has not formally asked for his extradition.Most extradition are for serious crime or felony.Assange alleged crime is likely to be of political nature for which no extradition is available.

Britain may or may not extradite him to Sweden unless the Swedes have infallible case built against him.

Uncle Sam has already worked out how to get Assange to its soil.

Sweden may be easier to bully than Britain.

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