Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Malaysia's Morbid Anatomy

Hantu Laut

We are famous for our stinky public toilets, high road fatalities, corruptions and now a new addition to the morbid anatomy..... the most dangerous public transport in the world. Buses driven by nothing less than zombies.

The recent crash at Cameron Highland that claimed 27 lives is abominable.It's happening too often and the authorities are keeping a blind eye.

Only in Malaysia the minister of transport can still keep his job in spite of the long history of gory scenes of high road fatalities, frequent crashes of public buses killing many and crooked and rude taxi drivers in the capital city.

In countries where there are greater sense of moral shame the minister would have resigned or be removed for dereliction of duty. Here the minister is only interested who get what road building projects and abandoned his other sphere of responsibility.

Have you ever experienced having your taxi driver dozing off at the wheel? Kuala Lumpur are full of these completely doped up taxi drivers and I believe so are the bus drivers that have contributed to the frequent fatal crashes.Read here the horrifying crashes in less than a year.

What have our Road Transport Dept done to clamp down on this dangerous and disgraceful trends among public transport providers.Obviously, nothing.

Sleepy and druggy head drivers and badly maintained public buses are still allowed to ply our highways at breakneck speed and if the cops caught them, they are either let off because of their ethnicity or one of the things we are famous for which I need not emphasize here.

While our politicians are fighting tooth and nail on who should take Putrajaya next they forgot they have legal and moral obligations to protect the people.


eddy said...

Bro, forget about the cluster bombs or nuclear weapons, a negligent driver and an ill maintained bus is actually Malaysia's No.1 weapon of mass destruction.

Just watch and see, Ministers, Enforcement officers Opposition politicians will all make one or two statements, call up an investigation wait a few months and all will be forgotten.Kita orang Malaysia memang mudah lupa.

What we need is an inquest for all the major killings on the highway and have a Royal Commission of Inquiry or a white paper to specifically address this issue.

Bus drivers like aircraft Pilots and specialised crane operators need a specified hours of work before they have to rest by law. Many of the accidents will have been caused by tiredness, fatigue and downright negligence. Like pilots all bus drivers must have a proper academy and have their licenses reviewed and renewed every year.

And like airplanes all buses which carry passengers must be checked regularly. The annual JPJ check up is not regular and good enough.

All these cannot be done by advisory it must be legislated into law. Bus Owners, Directors and Drivers must be held personally responsible if an accident investigation showed that they are liable.

If after this worst accident of the decade does not move the Government into action I mean real action, I think nothing will.

Anonymous said...


Can u imagine how we are going to maintain 2 nuclear power plant ?

"Oooops, I pressed the wrong button and the radioactive core is having a meltdown "........

Now lets see the massive exodus of mankind in South East Asia ! All change status to "Pemergian " and no more "Pendatang"

Though the above is my imagination running wild, but with the kind of careless,reckless drivers we have, it is no wonder that they may be in any level of occupations.....We are really at risks here !


It has always been all talk, tin kosong! Nothing will happen ! Our ministers are not accountable for anything, except to get paid ! The reasons are well known why the accidental rates are so high in the country, but no one wants to take the plunge to do anything meaningful, as it is politically suicidal to do so.

Purple Haze said...

Eddy's point has been repeated year after year.

We don't seem to learn. We must be stupid !

What is lacking is enforcement.