Thursday, January 27, 2011

Former Drug Blogger's A Bad Dose Of Herpes ?

Hantu Laut

For all intents and purposes 'Lonely Planet' is not a rating agency. They are merely suggestions and recommendations by seasoned travellers who either love or hate what they eat, drink or places they go and stay.It is a travel guide to would be travellers and most of what they recommended in their guide books and websites are of personal preferences. What the writer thinks is good may not be good enough for you. However, they do observed certain level of decency.

I have used 'Lonely Planet' quite a bit and not everything lived up to its promise. It would be foolish to take it as an authority for standard or quality.It is everything but the kitchen sink.It is you who would eventually decide whether the recommendation sits well with you or stinks to high heaven.In the case of Poh Huai Bin he has found his poison.

It has also been my policy to avoid empty restaurants particularly during lunch hours.If a restaurant can't fill up during peak period it is certainly not worth its salt. The last time I visited Jothy's must be about 8 years ago.I reserved my comments.

It's a case of one man's meat and another man's poison.

There are millions of such articles that can be found on the Internet that say bad things or good things about restaurants,hotels,airlines, countries, etc, all in varied form.

Can one be sued for writing frank opinion of what one think is bad quality.If you are stating facts and without malice I supposed it your choice to warn the public or not of such bad places.

In my opinion the case can only succeed if malice can be proven.

This former drug blogger had a brush with the law on drug-related offence.He was caught in possession of 2.85 grammes of cannabis and was fined RM2,500 and jailed 2 months.This young and intelligent guy has turned a new leaf and now blogged about anything and everything under the sun.

I was able to access the website early this morning but it seemed the site has been taken down either by the blogger himself or Google.

His blog is called ''.
Poh Huai Bin is being sued by Jothy's Fish Head Curry House for defamation.

Here, is a story on his drug escapades.

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