Friday, January 28, 2011

What the Fuss? It's Not CNN Investigative Report,It's A Saudi Secret Report, Mr Anwar!

Hantu Laut

Did CNN carry out the investigation using their own resources, independent, impartial and conclusively reliable ?

Was it not that CNN only read a dossier out of a secret investigation made by the Saudi government and reported accordingly.

Read the full report here.The report made an even more shocking discovery, the funneling of funds through the Muslim Brotherhood movement.

Was not Anwar linked with Yusuf Qaradawi of the Muslim Brotherhood also reported by CNN a while ago.Could the money have been funnelled through the intricate network of the Muslim Brotherhood?

Who owned the Saudi government, the people of Saudi Arabia or the Palace of Saudi Arabia?Would you take such report as gospel truth or rather take it with a pinch of salt?

So! What all the hullabaloo? Anwar screaming his head off saying it's a CNN report when it was a report by the Saudi government, literally, conducted by the royal household, which naturally placed it in a state of morbidity and doubt.

Anwar was quick to capitalise on this news from one of the most biased TV networks in the world citing a report that is as good as the paper it was written on.


Freddie Kevin said...


I have perused the article and if read carefully it does imply the Muslim Brotherhood of receiving funds.

Also the Ds Najib pic has a (typo?). Looks rushed.

"A Saudi investigation into Najib Razak's election revealed that millions of dollars are being funneled to Islamists abroad"

Hmmm GFI where Saudi Arabia ranks 4th and now a report on that highlights unregulated flow Saudi of funds.

Freddie Kevin said...


..DS Najib

..unregulated flow of Saudi funds.