Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wong Choon Mei:Don't Try To Teach Your Grandma How To Suck Eggs

Hantu Laut foot! More like a frustrated reporter in a drunken stupor and a wannabe "fifth columnist".

It is alright for America to carry out mass murders around the world

Written by Wong Choon Mei, Malaysia Chronicle.

In his first blog posting for 2011, former Malaysian premier Mahathir Mohamad speaks of the futility of using force, that "overwhelming military power" is nothing in "this modern age". Sadly, he was advising U.S. President Barack Obama on Afghanistan and not himself or his off-on protege, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak.

Are the twisting of the courts to secure advantageous outcomes, the imprisonment of dissidents without fair trial, the arbitrary banning of books and cartoons, the wrongful use of government machinery to coerce electoral victories any less oppressive than guns and bloodshed?

Is a slow death less painful than a quick one?

The phrase Charity begins at home is not without its special wisdom, neither is Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Perhaps Dr Mahathir should help right the wrongs at home before casting his eyes overseas.

The methods and philosophies he promulgates in his home country should echo his stand for the rest of the world.

Can I ask this lady how many people have been murdered by Mahathir or any of the BN leaders after him? Have there been any mass political persecution in this country and how many political prisoners are rotting away in prison?

How come the whole of Pakatan Rakyat leaders were not in prison, they are considered political dissidents?

How come Uncle Lim, the barking dog of Pakatan Rakyat who spewed daily dosage of political excrement on the Malaysian public hoping they get the mange and he gets to be the DPM when Lord Vader took over this kingdom is still shouting at the top of his accented voice insulting the regime in every possible way but is still as free as the bird.

How come the Tiger of Jelutong, the man who think he was godsend to save Malaysia from the evil regime is still wallowing in self abandonment appearing in our court regularly to defend Lord Vader from being branded a sodomite.

Should racist troublemaker like you who goes around writing lies about other people be allowed to roam free and spread your venom among the people and yet swear there is no freedom of expression in this country.

There certainly is much freedom of expression in the U.S. Ask Julian Assange and he will tell you how much he loves America.Ask the boys in Guantanamo, they, the prisoners of war branded as terrorists, how they enjoy and love American torturers tickling their dicks and arses to force information out of them. That seemed to be alright by you.As long as they are not of your kin and creed why care.

Mahathir, has every right to write about Obama, a cheat and a liar, who fooled the American nation and the whole world with his oratory skill and good voice but now turned out to be a phoney!..... and we got exactly one of the same at home.

Wong Choon Mei, since you love America so much and think that the U.S and Obama was right in killing hundred of thousands of innocent Iraqi and Afghan civilians and you don't care because they are not of your kin and creed, maybe, you should apply to join the U.S Military and help them kill more Iraqis and Afghans or make war with Malaysia so you can also kill Malaysians that you hate.

Wasn't she the one who wrote lies about Najib back in 2008 and has to resign from Malaysiakini?

Read the article below taken from a blog "Dandelions" published in 2008 after the "big lie" she made and this blog owner literally showered her praiseworthy saliva on her.

What are the core values of professional journalism?
Objectivity, Accuracy, Corroboration and Avoiding Conflicts of Interest, Transparency, Editorial Oversite…….being the main few among others……basically code of conduct drawn up to saveguard the integrity of this profession. And if one were to fail to uphold any of these values, it is usually up to the good conscience of the person to own up and take full responsibility, even if it means losing one’s job. (The other way would of course to be “goreng-sotong”ed)
Well today, Malaysiakini and its journalist Wong Choon Mei have proven that there is indeed integrity in them and for that, they’ve earned my respect.

Crap !!!

If she didn't resign Steven Gan would have sacked her or face the ugly choice of Malaysiakini being taken to the cleaners.

Objectivity, Accuracy, Corroboration and Avoiding Conflicts of Interest, Transparency.

Avoid conflicts of interest ?.......that must be a joke!

If you consistently write against the government and never against the that journalism?


eddy said...

Bro, what did they put in the drip in Vietnam....must be something good. I have observed that many anti Mahathir writers the likes of Choon Mei are so full of hate that they have lost any sense of balance. I am reposting this article in my blog, its a noteworthy post. TQ.

Anonymous said...

I think you are the one who should suck Dr M's dick

Anonymous said...

Dei fucker dont talk cock.Fuck you barisan supporters.burn in hell

Anonymous said...

You are one misguided little fuck. Can you not see the reality and the rubbish that is going on? Mongolia??!

Anonymous said...

Yes, crap, the whole writeup is crap. To you that is, Hantu.

Mahathir has yet to die, but he has already found a reincarnation in you.

Anonymous said...

I had not read such rubbish since most BN cybertroopers write rubbish all the way.

YOU had used words like political excrement, racist, writing lies, etc which aptly describe all BN cybertroopers.

Core values of professional journalism and you dare write this article like you are not even subjected to the same rules!!!!

Anonymous said...

Comments on your blog is still empty. Bet you have not received a single comment supporting your posting.

Try this one:

“Wong Choon Mei’s writeup on Mahathir is all crap.”

Now go publish this.

LChuah said...

Huh? From your report on Choon Mei's article, I couldn't see any statement suggesting that she "loves America so much and thinks that the U.S and Obama was right in killing hundred of thousands of innocent Iraqi and Afghan civilians." What she apparently wanted was for Dr M to understand that "charity begins at home" and that as he's living in "a glass house" that he (Dr M) has created, he shouldn't "throw stones." Your attacks, therefore, seem off the mark. Worse, there's also a hint of racism when you equate her criticism of Dr M with her not caring "because they (the victims of US imperialism) are not of your kin and creed ..."

Frankly, all your attacks against Choon Mei cannot cover the fact that the ISA and other laws are there to intimidate and in many cases to deprive citizens' democratic rights. I would be the first to agree that Western democracies are by no means as innocent or as free as their mass media would like to paint to the world, but that does not mean that it's ok for BN to do what it has been doing. Democracy is vital for efficient and responsible government, and perhaps as important, it's also the reason why we insist on justice and fairplay for the Palestinians, Iraqis, and Afghans. That the world's sole superpower has violated democratic tenets does negate the importance of democracy; rather, it points a direction as to how we could confront that superpower's misdeeds.

Hantu Laut said...


Bro, it's called the Ho Chi Minh Special, very potent indeed.

I am fed up with these so-called morally upstanding writers who think only they have the privilege to bash others.They dressed themselves as journalists when they are nothing more than hate writers, either paid or on their on will.

She is not even writing in poetic prose,it's pure and plain that she prefers America's slaughter of innocent civilians rather than Mahathir's autocratic rule which I think Malaysia needs because of people like her and her ilk.

Just read the message and language used by the supporters.These are the kind of supporters who are going to send them to Putrajaya.

eddy said...

My sentiments exactly Bro, its also hillarious to note some of the comments here. I suspect it could come from 1 person i.e Choon Mei herself.

Anonymous said...

I am a non-partisan and I read a lot of alternative media online. I must admit Wong Choon Mei attracted my attention as I personally feel this sometimes do not check her facts but echo what others says especially opposition leaders.Maybe she is married to one. Somehow I feel she is full of hate foe some reason. As a journalist if she continue to write like that she will not have many followers, only followers like her who cannot rational things but just echo hatred and passed it on. If it's attention she wants I think she has got it of the wrong kind. Malaysians are smarter these days and are not just followers. God be kind to you!