Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dissolve The Royal Commission

Hantu Laut

Environmentalists all over the world including the UN, WWF and many others lauded the government decision to scrap the coal power plant in Sabah.The oppositions have their own stories.

Instead of lauding the State and Federal government they think the smart thing to do is to ridicule the decision, which actually make them looking more stupid.

DAP's MP for Kota Kinabalu Hiew King Cheu said it was an election ploy while another political donkey Jeffrey Kitingan said it could be temporary and likely to be reinstated after the general elections.

Across the South China Sea in Tanah Melayu the oppositions made a mockery of the Royal Commission by urging the Teoh's family to withdraw from the hearing.

PM Najib has gone out of his way to appease the family by appointing the Royal Commission and the opposition is using delaying tactic in the hope of using the controversial issue as a battle cry for the general elections expected anytime soon.

Than there is the sodomy case of Anwar Ibrahim using the same delaying tactic for political mileage.Delayed many times without probable cause. The judge should not be intimidated and should proceed with the case to its finality.

The PM should give the family of Teoh an ultimatum, participate or the government will dissolve the Royal Commission.

The opposition's ploys are wasting court's time and taxpayers money .

We have had enough of this unpalatable circus.

With oppositions like this who needs a new government.


Purple Haze said...

Whether the Teoh family "participates" should not make the RCI digress from its objective i.e to determine if Teoh Beng Hock was pushed out of the window or jumped himself. His family certainly was not on the 14th floor of Masalam building in the morning of his death.

The fact is that Teoh Beng Hock was never discharged by the MACC since his personal belongings were still in MACC custody. Thus, the MACC has to be the responsible party.

In the inquest, the judge did not make any judgement either way. But if it was not suicide or homicide, then Teoh Beng Hock would still be alive today !!! (That's how ridiculous it sounds)

As for the Sodomy II case, you are absolutely right. Don't waste the tax payers money as the evidence so far given by the prosecution does not make a convincing case.

The chemist now says that DNA sampling reveals 3 distinct samples of semen. Nobody, including the victim, has ever mentioned a 3rd person involved.

And none of the doctors has even mentioned that the victim was "penetrated". Its akin to a victim saying that he has been shot but the bullet did not enter the physical body.

Not only that, the victim is alleged to have been having a romantic liasion with a member of the prosecution team, which the AG did not deny but merely removed that team member.

Betul betul Malaysia Boleh.

Freddie Kevin said...

@Purple Haze

"In the inquest, the judge did not make any judgement either way. But if it was not suicide or homicide, then Teoh Beng Hock would still be alive today !!! (That's how ridiculous it sounds)"

YOU make it sound ridiculous and are being ignorant. Find out what 'Open Verdict' means (to your satisfaction).

Let me help you

'U.K. - decision of coroner's court: in a coroner's court, the verdict given when the cause of death is not clear and no charge of murder or manslaughter can therefore be brought'

'(Law) a finding by a coroner's jury of death without stating the cause'

'a court’s decision stating that the cause of someone’s death is officially not known'

"As for the Sodomy II case, you are absolutely right."

Pray tell what are you agreeing with HL?

Your Sodomy2 analogies and comments, clever indeed but sorry to tell you, will not stop the case from proceeding.