Tuesday, February 15, 2011

John Malott: I am Nobody's Pet

Hantu Laut

John Malott strikes back with threat of libel action against anyone who labelled him Anwar's pet.

The full story here.His rendition of Malaysia's evil regime here.

What is a pet?

As we all know it primarily refers to domestic or tamed animal kept for companionship or pleasure and treated with care and affection.

My pet dog is called 'Tiger' and another one less a pet is called 'Blackie' (with no offence to coloured people) it's just the colour of its fur.

English is a wonderful language a single word can carry as many as a dozen different kind of meanings.Sometimes, from the sublime to the ridiculous, it is, but still the most sought after language.

Can John Malott be called a pet of Anwar Ibrahim or the other way around? Is Anwar his pet and demolishing the Najib's government is his pet project?

So, let us examine what a human pet entails.

1.Noun - a person treated with special favor, esp. in a way that others regard as unfair.

2.Adjective - denoting a thing that one devotes special attention to or feels particularly strongly about or denoting a person or establishment that one regards with particular favor or affection.

Of course, there are the other 'pet' that only affected humans........offended at being slighted which was what John Malott probably suffering from..... indigestion brought about by the article written by Rachel Motte and the ripple effect her article created in Malaysia.

What do you call a person, time and time again, supporting the same person and constantly attacking a duly elected government adversarial to his pet project?

Would a 'lapdog' be more appropriate?


As a matter of fact, I have downloaded Rachel's article earlier but did not get to publish it.

Are there element of libel therein? With the exception of calling him 'pet' most of what she wrote were already in public domain.The terrorist link with the Muslim Brotherhood have been mentioned in many publications.

Would NST and Utusan apologise to him or take the bull by its horn?

Let's wait and see whether the threat of libel would materialise and which jurisdiction he would use. Certainly not the Malaysian judiciary because it's corrupt and controlled by the executive as portrayed by Anwar and his ilk.

I expect NST and Utusan to defend the fort

We may not like what Malott wrote about Malaysia but asking him to be banned from entering the country is showing political immaturity.

Minister in the PM's Department Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz will be proposing to the cabinet that Malott be banned from entering Malaysia.I hope the cabinet wouldn't be that foolish to accept his proposal.

What the point of the ban he can write about Malaysia from any where around the world.


eddy said...

Interesting development Bro, Rachel has also taken her post down. Pity if not for the "pet" word her article is quite OK actually.

Purple Haze said...

Rachel Motte has taken down her article. Perhaps the standards of libel in the US courts are more stringent than in Malaysia ?

Or maybe she just didn't have the facts.

Presumably, if she felt that she had the right facts, there is no need to take down her article.

I recall that you had posted another article written by her regarding an "about face" by Hilary Clinton on Jan 25. I commented that the idiot is her (Rachel Motte).