Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kill Gaddafi!

Hantu Laut

Typical Arab dictator's bullshit......find a bogeyman for all the troubles.

To divert attention and he thinks the world is stupid to believe him, Gaddafi has made Israel the source of his trouble, foreign forces out to topple him.

This biggest and longest plunderer of Libya has sent his army to kill peaceful protesters and his son promised a bloodbath, to spill Libyan's blood on the street if they did not stop the protest against his father.

Gaddafi will die at the hand of his own people.Unless, he escaped, he will be killed by his own army.

Prominent Sunni thinker Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who is considered the spiritual leader of the global Muslim Brotherhood movement called for the assassination of Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi during an interview with Al-Jazeera news network. "Whoever can kill Gaddafi should kill him," he said, "Whomever can shoot him should, in order to liberate the people from the evilness of this crazy man."

Gaddafi has deployed fighter jets and helicopters to bomb protestors and snipers to pick out targets on the streets.Two Libyan air force jets defected to Malta and asked for political asylum saying they were ordered to bomb protesters.

The end is near for Muammar Gaddafi and I hope the same for all Arab despots who have ravaged the people and milked the country dry.


Anonymous said...

Even though I agree with you I am unsure what will turn out for Libya and those Middle Eastern Countries that has regime change or about to have regime change. From dictators to another set of dictators? We can only pray that it is not!


Mohd said...

Can't you all see the hands of America and Israel in all these uprisngs?
Just look at Iraq? Who controls the oil now?

Anonymous said...

it is very easy to blame america and israel but that is disillusional. The fact of the matter is that only idiots would want to be ruled by dictator.