Wednesday, February 9, 2011

UMNO Member Crowned Sultan Of Sulu !

Hantu Laut

A joker! a con man! a lunatic! delusion of grandeur! or all rolled into one...... a mad man?

Ex ISA detainee and active UMNO member Datu Mohd Akjan was crowned the Sultan of Sulu in a ceremony held at Kota Kinabalu witnessed by about 60 equally mad Tausug people some claimed to have come from the royal palace of the Sultan of Sulu. This is third such claim by competing parties.

If he truly has a sultanate why not hold the ceremony in Jolo, the capital of Sulu? Is there still such a kingdom? The Malaysian government should depot him back to his heavenly kingdom.

Akjan is an active UMNO member who was once arrested under the ISA for masterminding the distribution of fake IC to illegal immigrants mostly of his kin.He rose to prominence during former Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi tenure and was awarded a Federal project worth MR250 million to build GOF (General Operation Forces) headquarters in Sabah. The project fell by the wayside and has been abandoned since then.

With a typical bumiputra's rent seeking mentality he immediately sold the project to a Chinaman's company, collected some commission, bought 2 Ferraris, offered one to Siti Nurhaliza to entice her to marry him but was shunned by her and blew the rest of the millions, courtesy of Pak Lah, in less than 2 years.

Sabah's Head of State is already a Tausug.Is Akjan trying to send a message to the Malaysian government?

What is UMNO going to do about this? Will Sabah UMNO pay allegiance to the
Agong or to this imposter?

Have a good laugh mate!.Sabah UMNO has many of this kind of joker mostly from the same region.Make one of them a chief minister and see how the flood gate from the Sulu Sea will be made wide open.

The 13th General Elections is not going to be plain sailing if Najib continue to drag his feet on reforms.

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joker said...

Naahh i think the government should not take any action against this man...for what? this guy is a joke...why do you want to take serious of a man whose claim has been made by countless other so-called "sultan?

its just a waste of time and money if the government decided to take action or investigate this man...