Monday, March 14, 2011

Master Of Political Connivance

Hantu Laut

Whatever you want to call this man........ a blatant liar, a political liar, a dictator, a manipulator and the dirty list can go on as long as you wish, the fact remained, he is still very popular with the common people except for the no-brainers who succumbed to the hogwash political propaganda churned out by the oppositions and its maestro.....the so-called victim of political conspricy and frame-up and supported by people who do not need to think for themselves, who can't separate the wheat from the chaff and found it easier just to follow the Rat-Catcher (Pied Piper) of Hamelin because he promised he can kill all the rats.

Within three days of the launch of his memoirs 10,000 copies have been sold.

As Mahathir has admitted, to err is human, he has made many mistakes but removing Anwar from office was not one of them.

Many may not concur with his decision but than many do not know many things that Mahathir was privy to during his tenure as prime minister.It is natural that our sympathies always go to the vanquished and more so with Anwar's messianic oration of being religiously victimised by Mahathir then and Najib now.

Sometimes, cleverly designed self-infliction can generate greater sympathies. Didn't Lee Kuan Yew says Anwar knew about it but walk into the trap anyway.Who would believe he would actually commit another sodomy other than a frame-up, this time a conspricy by Najib and Rosmah.

How many of you would you take your coffee-boy on your overseas trips or would you rather take your beautiful secretary? Since I am straight and if I do have extra-curricula activities on my mind I would certainly pick my beautiful secretary rather than my coffee-boy and vice-versa, if I am not.

Anwar, by any stretch of one's imagination is no Gandhi, Mandela or Aung Shan Suu Kyi.Anyone who made him out to be is scrapping bottom of the barrel.The closest he came to is a dictator.

While Mahathir still keep his friends how many of Anwar's close friends and old political aides are still with him? You can start counting from Chandra Muzaffar and be surprised how long the list would be.

His delaying tactics of more than 30 times of his sodomy trail has whittle away public sympathy.The whole thing has backfired and his refusal to give specimen of his semen for DNA sampling is seen as self-incriminating.

Just as the FBI to the United States and Scotland Yard to United Kingdom, the Special Branch of the Malaysian Police is the eyes and ears of the state.So, if the chief of police, as an example, tells the prime minister there is a mole in his office he would have to listen to him.

J.Edgar Hoover, the man who built up the FBI, the first and longest serving Director of the agency was very concerned about subversion and threat of communism, he even amassed secret files on political leaders including President John F.Kennedy and stumbled on his sex romps in the White House.He was so good in his job of fighting crimes and exposing wayward political leaders he served the FBI as its Director until his death.He became so powerful the U.S. administration has now limit the director's term to maximum 10 years.

I have no doubt Mahathir tells more truths than lies when he says former IGP Haniff Omar told him about Anwar and Ops Lallang.As Home Minister then he has only one choice, to listen to his security advisers or ignored them and put the nation's security at risk.

What would you expect from the opposing camps? Without any doubts a spin and abrogation of the truths that Mahathir signed the arrest order which they cunningly twisted as a personal order from Mahathir. Many Malaysians fell for this kind of political trickery and subjugation.They are clever antagonists and masters of political connivance.

Joseph Geobbels well known for his zealous oratory and anti-semitism successfully convinced Hitler and the German nation that the Jews are bad people and must be exterminated. Nazi Germany conducted the biggest human genocide ever known in history.

One just have to read the opposition's propaganda which is in a twitter of becoming explosively racial, pitting one race against the other.

It is the same in any hierarchy, be it government or business, the leader takes the credit for job well done and the blame when things go wrong.Splashing the red ink on all that Mahathir has done is most thoughtless and unfair.The man has done more in term of physical and mental development than those before him and with the bigger economic pie corruptions ostensibly larger and more widespread than before, I will not disagree but did Mahathir takes money for himself ?

Even in his book "Malaysian Maverick" Barry Wain expressed skepticism that Mahathir have taken money for himself and I am of the same opinion.

Let us see who called Mahathir a liar. Most are failed political leaders who aspired the top office but could not make it because Mahathir stood in the way and blamed him for their own incapacity.

There is Anwar Ibrahim, there is Tungku Razaleigh, there is Lim Kit Siang and there are some rejected UMNO leaders during his time who did not get what they wanted.

Of course, there are the blinds leading the blinds.

I am still not convinced Pakatan Rakyat under Anwar leadership can be a better government.


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eddy said...

Great post nothing for me to add Bro, exactly my sentiments and more in fact.

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I concur with you bro.

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Good one, HL

orang kampung said...

You wrote 'Most are failed political leaders who aspired the top office but could not make it because Mahathir stood in the way and blamed him for his own incapacity.'

Who can rebut it? At least not me. TRazaleigh, one of the three you had referred to, strongly felt he would have been the PM after Tun Hussein Onn not Mahathir. He did try again and again yet he failed. Worst he had to rejoin UMNO to lick his wounds after a disastrous show by PS 46. Hence, it is not unexpected when he sees nothing's right in whatever Mahathir has done for the country and UMNO.

At the same we see at least two stooges who are in league with him. One is a one-term ADUN and a blogger who couldn't even manage his own family. He has described TR 'the best PM we never had.'

The other, also a blogger, has endlessly blamed Mahathir all in sundry for the misdeeds that are occurring within UMNO and the country now. He is so overwhelmed by his hatred for Mahathir that he had unreservedly shared the sentiments of his mentor and idol.

Their latest reactions to TDM's Memoir bear the testimony.