Thursday, March 31, 2011

TI:Making An Ass Of Yourself

Hantu Laut

Well done! Nazri, I for once agree with you.

Transparency International Malaysia is a donkey organisation headed by a jackass. If this donkey is a dumb-ass than I would excuse him because stupidity is a defect hard to repair but than he is not a dumb-ass and the only defect he has is his askew brain.Apple polishing someone's balls.

Wasn't there free and fair elections in this country?

Let me ask this brainy little man how he accounts for the BN near defeat in the March 2008 General Elections where the long-suffering oppositions captured 5 states and robbed the BN of its two-thirds majority if there had been systematic bias by the Election Commission in favour of the BN?

Even in by-elections, how on earth the oppositions managed to win almost half of the 14 or so by-elections so far yet this smart-ass conveniently closed his eyes and say there is no free and fair elections in this country.

If there was unfair advantage in this opposition's version of a banana republic because we have become as poor as a church mouse according to them, tell me, how could people like Anwar Ibrahim, his wife Wan Azizah, his daughter Nurul and over 80 opposition members get into Parliament?

How did heavyweight opposition leaders like Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh and Hadi Awang get elected? If there was no free and fair elections how did Lim Guan Eng become the Chief Minister of Pinang, Khalid Ibrahim the Menteri Besar of Selangor, Nik Aziz the Menteri Besar of Kelantan and Ustaz Haji Azizan the Menteri Besar of Kedah?

As far back as 1985 in the Sabah state elections where little mouse Joseph Pairin's PBS demolished the mighty Harris Salleh's Berjaya in spite of the full force of the Federal government's support where Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad even promised to "sink and swim" with Harris.

Mahathir had to walk with tail between his legs.Berjaya was decimated left with 6 seats and the giant of a man Harris lost his seat to an unknown. Even then was there no free and fair elections?

You can give away million ringgits worth of sweeteners if the people don't want you, they don't want you.Did not Najib offer the people of Sibu million ringgits worth of development projects? Did they vote for his party?

Before I conclude I would like to ask this jackass to do some soul searching the next time before he spills his guts out.

I apologise for the harsh language but some people do not deserve better.


Freddie Kevin said...

Dear HL,

This are mouth pieces of opposition sympathisers.

Bila menang takde issue.

The truth as you rightly point out, that totally contradicts how these irresponsible apparatchiks misleadingly paint Malaysia, will still conveniently fail to be mentioned.

When they lose, the usual blame..phantom voters, bribery, EC bias et al.

Thank you

Anonymous said...


As if you dont know how anwar adn oppostion won a lot of 'seats ' in last election..I mean apart from some of UMNO and BN's own stupidty and corrupt arrogance?

1. They had , even satellite info, help and most important of all MONEY to buy votes.Nooo they werent poor. Help came in form of AMerica and CIA and whatever A.

2.Most important - a complete dossier - on how to cheat was the main strategy- this was taught by forces otuside of Malaysia - using old fashion inside help even stretching as far as MANY of those carrying ballot boxes and counting ballots.Some paid just to spoil votes.Yessss the most simple looking faces - were paid - a lot!

Those paid were also people who were in charge of voter registration.

Nooo the opposition are no pushovers. They cheat as well to the magnitude of electoral fraud- BUT all is fair in love and war. This inside info is known only to a few - a secret kept so close to their hearts.

Thats how some in an opposition party that keeps asking public for help and donation became rich suddenly. Thsi incldue being able to buy off some police and government officers, telco executives, to do what is needed from 'inside'.

Thats the inside info for you guys.

FROM : DEEP THROAT who threw up after anwar 'sex-tape' went public.

Freddie Kevin said...

Anon 1.34 pm

Seen at the Malaysian Insider DAP also asking for donations.

Free advertising?

Purple Haze said...


There is something fundamentally wrong with the whole elections machinery when even Datuk Ahiruddin (aka blogger Rocky's Bru), the MD of Malay Mail discovered that he was on the electoral rolls despite never having registered to vote.

He tracked it to a house in Perak and apparently there were other names involved as well. I do not know the outcome of this, if it ever was investigated but isn't this something that the EC & MACC should be tackling with high priority ?

And this happened BEFORE March 2008.

Nazri should be more concerned about this issue than the ranting of TI.